• AHSD25 values your child’s privacy and strives to ensure parents are aware of the web-based tools and applications we use and the nature of personal information that will be collected and used by those tools and applications. An annual notice will go to parents during the registration process about the programs being used inthe district. In addition, this list of educational web-based tools and applications used by AHSD25 and related privacy policies will be updated and the policies reviewed semi-annually to check for updates (last reviewed July 2020)


    These are part of the registration and student information systems, students do not login to these accounts: 

    These are online assessment programs, students log in with codes provided to begin the testing or information is entered by staff:
    General classroom/school use (these accounts generally include a username/id, password, and grade level but do not include other information such as address or date of birth):


    Curriculum supplemental software (not used in all schools or classrooms):

    • Adobe Spark (video creation tool, not used in all schools) - November 2019
    • Artsonia (art program, not used in all schools and parents set-up accounts) - May 2020
    • BrainPop (instructional videos, student account not required) - June 2020
    • Gale (middle school research resources, no login required) - July 2020
    • Edpuzzle - Link as of August 2020
    • Flipgrid - December 2019
    • Kahoot (group participation software) -  (March 2020)
    • Khan Academy (math support) - May 2018
    • Nearpod (presentation software) - November 2019
    • Prodigy (math support game) - November 2016
    • Thinglink (interactive content creator) - May 2020
    • Tumblebooks (online library books) - March 2019