• TOTAL BAGS DISTRIBUTED:                                          TOTAL MEALS DISTRIBUTED:

    9,553 bags                                                                   133,742 meals


  • The District 25 Food Services team has been working diligently to ensure our students and families are supported during this unexpected time. Each week schools are closed, our team plans to bag breakfast and lunch for the week and set up pickup/distribution times. This is available for ALL District 25 FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN 18 AND UNDER.


    Please note that our food services team is practicing social distancing and following the 10 or less people in a space rule as they pack the bags of food.



    Day: Every Wednesday through the end of the school year

    Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

    Where:  South Middle School (400 S. Highland Avenue)

      Thomas Middle School (1430 N. Belmont Avenue)

    Who: Any family with a student 18 years or younger is eligible to come pick up meals.

  • Full directions for distribution/pickup can be found in the video and information below:



    1. Pull into the parking lot as if you are doing drop-off/pick-up for your child.
    2. Remain in the car with your windows closed. A food service team member will come to you.
    3. Indicate with your hands how many students (age 18 and below) you are picking up for.
    4. Pop your trunk. Please have a large box or bin in your trunk for the meals to be loaded into.
    5. The food service team member will place the meals in your trunk and you can then drive home.

    *NOTE: There are items that will need to be refrigerated so please go home and place the items in your refrigerator.*



    The District is no longer accepting any NEW delivery requests. If you signed up for delivery in the past, you will STILL receive a delivery today, Wednesday, May 20 AND next Wednesday, May 27. Deliveries will stop beginning in June. Food will still be available to be picked up at Thomas Middle School between 9:30 am - 11:30 am.

    If you have any questions, please call the District Office at (847) 758-4900.

    1. When deliveries arrive they will be placed on the front step or sidewalk.
    2. The phone number left by the family will be called to alert them a delivery has been made.
    3. The family MUST come outside to pick up the meal bag(s).
    4. If the bags are not picked up within 5 minutes the bags will be removed.
    5. Each student will be receiving a bag and a gallon of milk.