Dryden's Rules & Guidelines

  • There are three basic rules that students are expected to follow at Dryden School. These rules apply to all areas of the school. In addition to the rules, we have specific guidelines for students to follow during indoor recess and outside during the winter time in order to ensure safety for all.

  • School Expectations- The Dolphin Do's

    • Be Safe
    • Be Caring
    • Be Responsible

    Indoor Recess Guidelines

    • Stay sitting in the designated areas.
    • Leave a walking path in the hallways.
    • Use the materials/games your teacher has provided.
    • Share materials/games with others.
    • Use an indoor voice.
    • Ask a supervisor for permission if you need something from your classroom, the restroom, or to get a drink.
    • Follow directions of the recess supervisors at all times.
    • Report problems or concerns to a recess supervisor.
    • Clean up your materials/games and help others when you are finished.
    • Line up outside your classroom when the whistle blows or the bell rings.

    Winter Recess Guidelines

    • Students will have indoor recess when temperatures are at or below 0 degrees wind chill.
    • Wear snow pants and boots to play in the snow.
    • Stay on the blacktop area and the jungle gym, when appropriate, if you do not have snow pants or boots.
    • Remember the snow belongs to EVERYONE!
    • Play with snow appropriately. Please do not throw snow or ice.
    • Leave ice and salt on the ground.
    • Build onto other students' snow forts or snow creations. Leave the snow on others' snow forts or snow creations if you are building your own.



  • Playground- Proper Equipment Use Guidelines


    • Go down feet first on your bottom
    • One person at a time allowed on the slide
    • No pushing anyone down the slide
    • Slide to the end of the slide-feet on ground not on slide to get off
    • No running up or standing on slide


    • Go up all ladders one person at a time using hands and feet


    • No climbing on top of the umbrella
    • Hanging by hands only

    Climbing Circle

    • Climb up and down, please don't jump off
    • Be aware of people above and below you

    Monkey Bars

    • One person crosses


    • Walk a safe distance from swing
    • One turn only
    • One person at a time
    • Swing on your seat only going forward and backward
    • Self propelled-no pushing of those on the swings (staff only)
    • No jumping off of the swing
    • No touching another person while on swings
    • Sitting only

    Tire swing

    • Walk a safe distance from the swing
    • One turn only
    • One to three people on the swing at one time
    • Self-propelled unless all children want to be pushed
    • Stay seated while swinging on the tire
    • Swing a safe distance from the top bar
    • No cherry bombs

    Parallel Bars

    • No walking or standing on top of the bars
    • No jumping off the top of the bars
    • May hang from knees
    • No penny drop/flip or sitting on top

    Bringing things from home

    • No electronics

    Wall ball

    • Stay behind line
    • Tennis balls or other soft balls

    Tennis courts are only to be used on blacktop only days


    • Passing only
    • 2 hand touch only

    Gaga Ball