Immersion Weekends

  • German Immersion Weekend

    South Middle School


    Grab your passport and head over the border --the Wisconsin border, that is!  The German Immersion Weekend at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is a cooperative initiative run by Niles Township High Schools District 219 and Concordia Language Villages, WALDSEE. Students of any level will use their language skills to develop a deeper understanding of and enthusiasm for German. The immersion weekend involves interactive language learning activities, “Waldseeart”, including authentic games, arts, sports, dance, music and traditions.  These time-proven Waldsee methodologies have empowered young learners of German for decades, and we are thrilled to provide this amazing opportunity so close to home!


    "It is a really great experience for anybody who loves German and wants to learn more."  ...7th grade student


    "I had a lot of experience eating German food and hearing new words.  It was a great experience."  ...8th grade student


    French Immersion Weekend

    Thomas Middle School


    French students at Thomas Middle School have the opportunity to participate in an immersion weekend with Aventure Française at the Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center.  The unique, natural setting coupled with unusual and amusing activities offers participants an interesting and effective way to learn French.  Learning to speak French should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, a journey into a new world and an adventure.  The weekend takes place in the spring. 


    There are four goals of the weekend.  They are as follows:

    1. Teach French in an enjoyable way that will enable people to speak the language and gain a better understanding of the cultures of the French-speaking people.
    2. Foster an understanding of basic human behavior in order to help people get along with each other regardless of culture or background.
    3. Assisting in developing self-confidence and an enthusiasm for meeting the challenge of learning French (and apply that attitude to daily living)
    4. Encouraging people to develop a love for and an understanding of our natural environment.


    Throughout the weekend the students stay in cabins and eat authentic French food.  Activities throughout the weekend include:

    -       team-building activities

    -       broom ball

    -       tomahawk throwing

    -       trust walks

    -       tug of war

    -       group skits

    -       singing

    -       skits