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Embracing Today - Inspiring Tomorrow

Let's go see the Capitol!

  • Memorial Day Weekend

    The Washington DC trip is meant to give our students extended exposure to the focal point of our nation’s civic and national history. Over the course of the Memorial Day weekend, students from the two middle schools, Thomas Middle School and South Middle School, travel together to the Washington D.C. area to tour nationally historic monuments and sites.   While there, they also have an opportunity to visit both houses of Congress and talk with local and national representatives about the legislative process in general as well as their role as voters in that process.  



    During the 2013 visit, 56 students and chaperones from District 25 participated in this experience.  Some of the notable sites that the students visited included:


    - Capitol Hill - Smithsonian Museum - White House
    - Pentagon Memorial  - US Holocaust Museum - Washington Monument
    - MLK, Nat’l. Memorial - Embassy Row - Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
    - Union Station - FDR Memorial - Vietnam Veterans Memorial


    It is our desire to continue to see the Washington D.C. trip grow into a regular part of their middle school experience.  Click on the slideshow below to see more pictures and student feedback on this amazing experience.

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