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    This page on our new site will serve as the housing place for the weekly communications. The weekly communications are handled by Principal Chris Martelli. They will be emailed out every Friday, and then posted here every Monday so that Westgate families and community members can always have a reference to what has been communicated by their school.


    Please make sure your school registration includes a current email address so that you receive these weekly communications from Westgate each week.


  • Westgate Wire 10/11/19

    Posted by Chris Martelli on 10/11/2019

    Westgate Wire 10.11.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Families:

    We have a few updates to share including our drop-off procedures, P/T conference sign-up, and the MAP reports, which will be sent home today for specific students in grades 3-5.

    Drop-off Routines: We are making some minor changes to our morning procedures that will begin on Tuesday, October 15. These efforts are being made so we can provide better supervision for our students prior to entering school.

    • We have increased the number of adults supervising each morning.
    • We will have an adult stationed at each door students enter. Because we will have staff stationed closer to the building to supervise student behavior, we will no longer make opening/closing doors for cars in the circle drives a priority.
    • The front door and back door will remain open until 9:05, however, all other doors will be closed at 9:00. This will allow student patrols and staff members to get to their classrooms in preparation for our 9:05 start time.
    • Some other reminders:
      • Please be cognizant of those around you. The volume of people at Westgate each morning is rather high. Please recognize that we are all trying to accomplish the same things; which are keeping our students safe, and getting people in and out of our lot as quickly as possible. We cannot accomplish these two goals with your support and cooperation.  
      • Please be sure you are pulling all the way around the front circle. We recognize that students use different entrances, however, in the spirit of being respectful to others dropping off, we ask that you pull forward.
      • If you are picking-up for AM kindergarten, please do not use the circle drive. This is for buses only during this time.

    We understand there may be some unintended consequences when making these changes. However, after receiving parental feedback and discussing with our school leadership team, we felt these changes were in the best interest of our students.

    P/T Conferences: Please be sure you have signed up for Parent/Teacher conferences on October 24 or 25. Directions for Online Conference Scheduling

    1. Fall Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday, 10/24/19 and Friday, 10/25/19. The window for signing up for conferences will be Monday, 10/7/19 at 7pm through Friday, 10/18/19 at 10am.
    2. Parents will schedule conference appointments using SignUpGenius. Click HERE for SignUpGenius directions
    3. Each teacher has a unique link, so if you have multiple children, you must login separately using the appropriate link. Hyperlinks that appear above the selected teacher’s name take you directly to SignUpGenius schedules for all of our classroom teachers and will be provided in the 10/7/19 email. If you have any difficulty using the link, please try using a different Internet browser.
    4. If you have a SignUpGenius account, choose “I’m a SignUpGenius member.” If you do not have or want a SignUpGenius account, choose “I do not have a SignUpGenius account” and fill out your name and email address. If you have multiple conferences to coordinate, you may want to consider signing up for a SignUpGenius account as this will allow you to make changes as you go in and out of different teachers’ schedules.
    5. If you want to create a SignUpGenius account, select “Create a Sign Up.” If you choose to create an account, you will be able to login and edit your time slot during the conference sign-up window, if you need to make a change. If you need to make a change after the window closes, you will need to email your child’s teacher.
    6. If you sign in, select Settings on the left-hand side, select the Other tab at the top, then confirm the time zone is set to Central (Central Standard Time). If you have to change the timezone, don’t forget to click Update Settings at the bottom.
    7. On your child’s teacher’s conference schedule, identify which 20-minute time slot you would like to reserve. In the column labeled Available Slot, click on the SignUp button next to the time you would like to reserve, then click on the Submit and SignUp located at the bottom of the page.
    8. If you would like to sync your conference time with iCalendar, select “Send me a confirmation email with an iCalendar (.ics) file.”
    9. If you have a specific question/area you would like addressed during the conference, please indicate this in the “My Comment” field.
    10. Click on the “Sign Up Now!” button.
    11. Do not forget to add your conference time to your calendar. If you do not have a SignUpGenius account and you log on to your child’s teacher’s schedule at a later date, you will only see time slots that are “Already Filled,” not specific names.
    12. You will receive an email reminder 4 days prior to your selected conference date.

    We look forward to seeing you on 10/24/19 or 10/25/19 for your child's conference!

    MAP Reports: These will be coming home today. Only students new to Westgate or those that we are progress monitoring will have results to share. Please contact your classroom teacher or administration if you have any questions.


    Chris Martelli, Principal & Scott Walton, Assistant Principal

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  • Westgate Wire

    Posted by Chris Martelli on 10/4/2019

    Westgate Wire 10.4.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Community,

    We hope your child(ren) enjoyed visiting Mr. Walton and I on the roof this past week! Thankfully we had a great day for the event…although it did start to get a little toasty up there later in the afternoon!

    Other exciting events that took place this past week included several field trips. It’s always a great opportunity to expand the learning experience beyond our classroom, and fifth grade went to Camp Duncan, fourth grade went to the Art Institute, and third grade went to the city for the Wendella Boat tour. After speaking with students, it was pretty clear everyone enjoyed their different experiences.

    Parent/Teacher conferences. On Monday, October 7 @ 7:00 p.m. links will be sent via messenger to all families to sign-up for a conference time. Please be on the lookout for this email.

    With Halloween approaching and people getting ready to purchase or make a costume, we wanted to communicated a few key details.

    • It has been past practice that many students go home during the lunch hour to have lunch and get their costume ready for the parade. Please be on the lookout for an upcoming google document to indicate if you intend to take your child out of school. This will help us determine how many lunch hours we need to have and how much food we’re preparing.
    • A Halloween parade will begin at 1:45 outside, weather permitting. The parade will walk north on the west side of Dwyer St. to Sigwalt and return to Westgate walking south on the east side of Dwyer. In the event of inclement weather, we will reduce the length of the route or cancel the parade.
    • As a reminder to our volunteers, we do not allow food during the Halloween parties. This decision was made with the entire student body in mind.
    • In regard to costumes, please adhere to the following guidelines:
      • No costumes depicting excessive violence (no fake blood please)
      • No weapons of any kind (squirt guns, plastic swords, etc.)
      • Keep make-up to a minimum
      • No one may wear costumes to school in the morning
      • Please be certain that your child can see through his/her mask

    As a reminder to parent’s pick-up/dropping-off kindergarten students. You may not park, at any time, in the circle drive. This is for buses after our AM class and before our PM class.

    Lastly, our Lighthouse Team has decided to dedicate their projects this year to recycling. So, it’s time to clean out your closet and drop off any used clothing, shoes, and/or blankets at Hersey High School on Saturday, October 12 from 9:00-11:00 am.  

    Have a fantastic weekend!


    Chris Martelli


    Buenas tardes Westgate Community,

    ¡Esperamos que sus hijos hayan disfrutado visitar al Sr. Walton y a mí en el techo la semana pasada! Afortunadamente, tuvimos un gran día para el evento ... ¡aunque comenzó a ponerse un poco tostado más tarde por la tarde!

    Otros eventos emocionantes que tuvieron lugar la semana pasada incluyeron varias excursiones. Siempre es una gran oportunidad para expandir la experiencia de aprendizaje más allá de nuestro salón de clases, y el quinto grado fue al campamento Duncan, el cuarto grado fue al Instituto de Arte, y el tercer grado fue a la ciudad para el recorrido en barco Wendella. Después de hablar con los estudiantes, estaba bastante claro que todos disfrutaron de sus diferentes experiencias.

    Conferencias de padres y profesores. El lunes 7 de octubre a las 7:00 p.m., se enviarán enlaces a todas las familias a través de mensajería para inscribirse en una conferencia. Esté atento a este correo electrónico.

    Con la llegada de Halloween y la gente preparándose para comprar o hacer un disfraz, queríamos comunicar algunos detalles clave.

    • Es una práctica pasada que muchos estudiantes se van a casa durante la hora del almuerzo para almorzar y preparar su disfraz para el desfile. Esté atento a un próximo documento de Google para indicar si tiene la intención de sacar a su hijo de la escuela. Esto nos ayudará a determinar cuántas horas de almuerzo necesitamos y cuánta comida estamos preparando.
    • Un desfile de Halloween comenzará a las 1:45 afuera, si el clima lo permite. El desfile caminará hacia el norte en el lado oeste de Dwyer St. hasta Sigwalt y regresará a Westgate caminando hacia el sur en el lado este de Dwyer. En caso de mal tiempo, reduciremos la duración de la ruta o cancelaremos el desfile.
    • Como recordatorio para nuestros voluntarios, no permitimos comida durante las fiestas de Halloween. Esta decisión se tomó con todo el alumnado en mente.
    • Con respecto a los disfraces, siga las siguientes pautas:
      • No hay disfraces que representen violencia excesiva (sin sangre falsa, por favor)
      • Sin armas de ningún tipo (pistolas de agua, espadas de plástico, etc.)
      • Mantén el maquillaje al mínimo
      • Nadie puede usar disfraces para ir a la escuela por la mañana.
      • Asegúrese de que su hijo pueda ver a través de su máscara

    Como un recordatorio para los estudiantes de kindergarten que recogen / dejan a los padres. No puede estacionar, en ningún momento, en la unidad circular. Esto es para autobuses después de nuestra clase AM y antes de nuestra clase PM.

    Por último, nuestro equipo de Lighthouse ha decidido dedicar sus proyectos este año al reciclaje. Por lo tanto, es hora de limpiar su armario y dejar cualquier ropa usada, zapatos y / o mantas en Hersey High School el sábado 12 de octubre de 9: 00-11: 00 am.

    ¡Ten un fantástico fin de semana!


    Chris Martelli

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  • Westgate Wire 9/27/19

    Posted by Chris Martelli on 9/27/2019

    Westgate Wire 9.27.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Community,

    First...I have a few corrections to make from last week's Wire.

    1. My Twitter handle is @MartelliD25. Last week I forgot the "D" I apologize for any confusion. 

    2. When dropping off your child after 9:05, please come into the office to sign your child in. Last week I incorrectly communicated the time, so again, my apologies.

    I have also attached a map (below), with directions, as to what our AM/PM procedures include. This past week I met with parents and staff to review these procedures and to solicit feedback in an effort to improve the safety and efficiency of the morning and afternoon routines. If changes are made, we will clearly communicate how they differ from what is included in today's Wire. Most importantly, we want to thank you everyone for your diligence in keeping ALL students safe when picking up or dropping off. It's a very busy time around our school and your attentiveness to the children from Westgate is much appreciated!

    Don’t forget next Tuesday  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2 is International Walk to School day!

    Mr. Walton and I will be working from the roof on Tuesday, October 1! So, keep a look out as we welcome everyone to school that day from the roof. We are doing this because of your generosity in raising money for our Fall PTA fundraiser.

    Lastly, we are finalizing some information for both our parent/teacher conferences and Halloween. This information will be included in next week’s Wire.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Westgate Traffic Map.pdf 


    Chris Martelli


    Buenas tardes Westgate Community,

    Primero ... Tengo algunas correcciones que hacer del Wire de la semana pasada.

    1. Mi identificador de Twitter es @ MartelliD25. La semana pasada olvidé la "D" ... así que me disculpo por cualquier confusión.

    2. Cuando deje a su hijo después de las 9:05, por favor venga a la oficina para registrarlo. La semana pasada comuniqué incorrectamente la hora, así que nuevamente, mis disculpas.

    También he adjuntado un mapa, con instrucciones, sobre lo que incluyen nuestros procedimientos AM / PM. La semana pasada me reuní con los padres y el personal para revisar estos procedimientos y solicitar comentarios en un esfuerzo por mejorar la seguridad y la eficiencia de las rutinas de la mañana y la tarde. Si se realizan cambios, comunicaremos claramente cómo difieren de lo que se incluye en el Wire de hoy. Lo que es más importante, queremos agradecerles a todos por su diligencia en mantener a TODOS los estudiantes seguros cuando recogen o dejan. ¡Es un momento muy ocupado en nuestra escuela y su atención a los niños de Westgate es muy apreciada!

    ¡No olvides que el próximo martes es el Día Internacional de Caminar a la Escuela!

    ¡El Sr. Walton y yo estaremos trabajando desde el techo el martes 1 de octubre! Entonces, estén atentos mientras damos la bienvenida a todos a la escuela ese día desde el techo. Estamos haciendo esto debido a su generosidad en recaudar dinero para nuestra recaudación de fondos de la PTA de otoño.

    Por último, estamos finalizando información para nuestras conferencias de padres / maestros y Halloween. Esta información se incluirá en el Wire de la próxima semana.

    ¡Ten un fantástico fin de semana!


    Chris Martelli

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  • Westgate Wire 9/20/19

    Posted by Chris Martelli on 9/20/2019

    Westgate Wire 9.20.19

    Dear Westgate Community,

    • Morning Drop-off reminders:
      • Please be sure not to drop-off students before 8:45. We do not have adult supervision outside until 8:45 and student safety is our priority.
      • If you are dropping-off after 8:55, please be sure to come into the office to sign your child in for the day. 
    • Principal Open Door is an opportunity for parents and I to have informal conversations about the state of our school. Please join me on the following dates:
      • Monday 9/23 from 9:00-10:00 for grades K-2
      • Wednesday 9/25 from 9:00-10:00 for grades 3-5
    • Please join the Westgate staff and PTA to celebrate International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 2.
    • Please follow me on Twitter @Martelli25. I will communicate school highlights via please take a look if you're interested in following the latest news for Westgate. I have tweeted such topics as: our Westgate Cares club of 1st & 2nd grade students, our Fun Run, our Garden Club, and football players from RMHS that came to read to our students.
    • Thank you…thank you…thank you! Our amazing community met our fundraising goal so we can provide school related events for our students. This is an amazing reflection of our community as we joined together for the betterment of our school. On behalf of our staff and students…thank you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    Chris Martelli



    Westgate Wire 9.20.19

    Estimada comunidad de Westgate,

    • Salida matutina recordatorios:
      • Asegúrese de no dejar a los estudiantes antes de las 8:45. No tenemos supervisión de un adulto afuera hasta las 8:45 y la seguridad de los estudiantes es nuestra prioridad.
      • Si se va a dejar después de las 8:55, asegúrese de venir a la oficina para inscribir a su hijo por el día.
    • Principal puerta abierta Es una oportunidad para que los padres y yo tengamos conversaciones informales sobre el estado. Por favor únete a mí en las siguientes fechas:
      • Lunes 9/23 de 9: 00-10: 00 para grados K-2
      • Miércoles 9/25 de 9: 00-10: 00 para los grados 3-5
    • Únase al personal de Westgate y a la PTA para celebrar International Día de caminar a la escuela el miércoles 2 de octubre.
    • Por favor sígueme en Gorjeo @ Martelli25. Comunicaré los aspectos más destacados de la escuela a través de Twitter ... así que eche un vistazo si está interesado en seguir las últimas noticias de Westgate. He twitteado temas como: nuestro club Westgate Cares de 1 S t Y 2 Dakota del Norte estudiantes de grado, nuestro Fun Run, nuestro Garden Club y jugadores de fútbol de RMHS que vinieron a leer a nuestros estudiantes.
    • Gracias, gracias, gracias ! Nuestra increíble comunidad cumplió con nuestro objetivo de recaudación de fondos para que podamos proporcionar eventos relacionados con la escuela para nuestros estudiantes. Este es un reflejo asombroso de nuestra comunidad al unirnos para mejorar nuestra escuela. En nombre de nuestro personal y estudiantes ... ¡gracias!

    ¡Tener un maravilloso fin de semana!


    Chris Martelli




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  • Westgate Wire 9/13/19

    Posted by Christopher Martelli on 9/13/2019

    Westgate Wire 9.13.19

    Dear Westgate Families:

    It's Friday the 13th and a full-moon...yet we've had another great day, and week, here at Westgate. I've included some highlights and upcoming events. Enjoy your weekend!

    Westgate Farmer's Market is Now Open!

    Last spring, members of Westgate Garden Club were busy planting vegetables and tending to our garden. Over the past week, the students have been working hard picking our crops and packaging them up to sell to our families. We welcome you to stop by our Farmer's Market after school this Friday outside of the primary doors! Students will be selling the tomatoes, cucumbers, and hot peppers they have harvested. All of the proceeds will be going towards maintaining our garden throughout the school year. Thanks for your support!

    Westgate Night at the RMHS football game

    • Friday September 13th at 7:30pm. RMHS Mustangs vs. Deerfield Warriors 
    • Westgate Students and Parents get in FREE!
    • You will need to present this “ticket" on your phone or you may print it and present it at the ticket booth in order to get in free. If you do not present the Westgate ticket, you will be charged the regular admission fee.
    • Students are welcome down on the SE corner of the track by the inflatable tunnel before the game to cheer for the players as they are introduced and to run through the tunnel.** Probably around 7:15 / Please get there early ** GO MUSTANGS!

    Principal Open Door

    I will be hosting Open Door sessions throughout the school year and my first two are in the coming weeks. This is an opportunty for parents and I to have informal conversations about the state of our school or more braodly the state of education. If you are the parents of a K-2 grade child we will be meeting on 9/23 from 9:00-10:00 and parents of a 3-5 grade child we will be meeting on 9/25 from 9:00-10:00. The Open Door on the 25th is a new date, so please note the change.

    Walk to School Day

    Please join Westgate Staff and the Westgate PTA to celebrate International Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 2 nd , 2019! Joining thousands of other students across the world, Westgate students will “dive into” the possibilities that walking to school can create: healthier habits, a cleaner environment, less traffic, and celebrating the Westgate community!

    Please use the following link if you are interested in volunteering for this event:

    The International Day of Saturday the 21st!

    Once again this year we are continuing our Pinwheels of Peace tradition of installing our paper pinwheels in the front of the school building on the International Day of Friday September the 20th!

    For the past few weeks students have been creating their pinwheels and talking about what peace is and how they can contribute to bringing more peace into our world and our school.   They have worked very hard creating some very special Kaleidoscope design pinwheels and are very excited to show them to our community!

    The Pinwheel movement began over 10 year ago and now has grown to all areas of our world...for more information you can go to

    Peace beings with you and me...spread peace!

    Orange Ruler Fundraiser

    This is the LAST weekend before Turn-In day next week and we ask for your help in this important fundraiser as we head into the home stretch and work together for the good of our strong community.

    • How can you help? - Please visit to help give our school the best chance of exceeding our fundraising goals to support our awesome PTA programming and fun free programs such as the Back-To-School Block Party, Cultural Arts, Author Visit, Movie Nights, Ice Cream Social, Family Activity Night and Classroom Holiday Parties!

    Thank you again for your support, it is so appreciated! Your small investment of time to register, donate and add email addresses of family and friends pays off in such a big way with a directly positive impact on all the children, their classes and our entire community!


    Chris Martelli


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  • Westgate Wire 9/6/19

    Posted by Christopher Martelli on 9/6/2019

    Westgate Wire 9.6.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Community,

    Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Curriculum Night this past week, we hope you found the evening informative. On a personal note, I continue to enjoy connecting with individuals and families, and Curriculum Night was no exception. Thank you so much for the warm welcome as I transition into my new role here at Westgate!


    • 7 Habits Family Workshops: "I think the most significant work we'll do in our whole life, in our whole world is done within the four walls of our home." - Stephen R. Covey. Consider making an investment in your family by attending the engaging, family-strengthening workshop series based on the 7 Habits of Successful Families. Two District 25 parent volunteers are certified facilitators and will be offering a seven series workshop in the evenings beginning on Wednesday, September 18th. Don't delay as a minimum of 10 participants are needed to run the workshops. More information and enroll here: More details see attached flyer. 
    • Student Action Team Application: We are now accepting applications for students who are interested in being on one of our many action teams. What a great way to be apart of the look & feel of our Westgate family. Explanations of our action teams can be found on the application itself, which is attached belowWe are asking that students turn their applications in no later than Thursday, September 12th at 3:45pm.
    • Rolling Meadows High School Football: Join us for Westgate Night at RMHS! Next Friday, September 13 at 7:30 pm RMHS will be hosting our Wedstgate Community for a football game...we hope to see many of you there!
    • Playground: For the safety of all studets we wanted to remind families that the playground is for school use during school hours.


    • Westgate Night at the RMHS football game!  Friday, September 13th at 7:30pm.  Meadows Mustangs vs. Deerfield. This is a free event for Westgate families.  Students get to run through the inflatable mustang on the field before the game.  More details to follow.
    • PTA Fun Run Fundraiser-Orange Ruler-We are underway with our largest fundraiser.  Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 to support student programming throughout the school year. Please plan to join us for the Fun Run on Thursday, September 19th!!  More details to follow. Questions can be directed to Mandy Barton at or Melissa Lenski at
    • Picture Day: Picture Day is Wednesday, Sept 11th.  Please mark your calendars. Contact Kim Hedstrom at with any questions. Picture order forms came home last week and extra order forms are also available in the main office.  You can also order online at There will be no spring pictures this year.
    • Chess Club: Chess Club Registration Wednesday, September 10th.  This is a PTA Sponsored club for 3-5 graders. Club dates are posted in the Westgate calendar.  Please direct all questions to Lisa Fischer at
    • PTA General Meeting: Please join us in the LMC on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 7pm for the first PTA General Meeting of the Year! All are welcome! Hope to see you there! Questions? Contact Michelle Harris at
    • Westgate PTA Facebook Page: Like us on Facebook! westgatewolverinespta. Go to your settings in Facebook and select “receive notifications” so you don’t miss out on new, exciting information! Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage, too!
    • Important Upcoming Events
      • ​​​​​​​9/10: Chess Club Registration opens
      • 9/11: School Picture Day
      • 9/11: PTA General Meeting
      • 9/13: Westgate Night at the RMHS football game
      • 9/18: Westgate Cares grades 1-2
      • 9/19: Orange Ruler Fun Run!
      • 9/19: Art Club-5th grade


    Chris Martelli


    2019 7 Habits Family Publicity Flier_v3.pdf 

    Copy of 19-20 Action Team Application.pdf 


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  • Westgate Wire 8/30/19

    Posted by Christopher Martelli on 8/30/2019

    Good Afternoon Westgate Families,

    I have a very long newsletter this week...which I apologize for...but we have a lot of great information to be sure we're communicating. Thank you to all our parents for making the first full week of school a huge success and enjoy the holiday weekend!


    1. Curriculum Night Schedule: Parents, I made an error in my first Westgate Wire in regard to our Curriculum Night schedule. The schedule below is THE OFFICIAL schedule for Wednesday, September 4th.

      1. 6:00-6:30 Specials Teachers will present in the LMC

      2. 6:30-7:00 Primary Teachers (K-2) in their classrooms

      3. 7:00-7:15 Principal & PTA message in the commons

      4. 7:15-7:45 Intermediate Teachers (3-5) in their classrooms

    2. Principal Open Door Schedule: I will be hosting several Principal Open Door sessions through the school year. During this casual meeting I will share a few brief celebrations from Westgate, followed by an open dialogue about the state of our school. I will host these morning meetings based on grade levels and the age of your child(ren). I look forward to meeting many of you!

      1. 9/23 for K-2 parents from 9:00-10:00 @ Westgate

      2. 9/24 for 3-5 parents from 9:00-10:00 @ Westgate

    3. Electronic Devices: Per our District 25 Student Handbook…the following apply to electronic devices, which includes watches. Our teachers will be following, Procedure 7:190-AP5.

      1. The possession and use of smartphones, cell phones, and other electronic devices (which includes watches), are subject to the following rules:

        1. They must be kept out of sight and in an inconspicuous location, such as a backpack, purse, or locker.

        2. They must be turned off during the regular school day unless the supervising teacher grants permission for them to be used or if needed during an emergency.

        3. They may not be used in any manner that will cause disruption to the educational environment or will otherwise violate student conduct rules.

    4. Garden Club: Westgate Garden Club is looking for student garden leaders! Do you like to be outside? Do like to work with dirt? Would you like to be a leader to determine what we grow in our garden? If so, Garden Club is for you!! Garden Club members will meet during lunch recess approximately twice a month during growing seasons (weather permitting). Complete this sign up by Friday 9/6. Garden Club is available to students in first through fifth grade. After enrolling you will be notified of your child's Garden Squad group based on grade level. Please contact Donna Hynek at with any questions. 

    5. Playground: While the playground is a fantastic place for kids to unwind and have fun, safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we wanted everyone to know that we have removed the double swing and will have two individual swings installed. The district and I reviewed our procedures and determined two individual swings would be in our students’ best interest.


     PTA Fun Run Fundraiser: Please save the date for our fall fundraiser! We are excited to announce that Westgate will have a Fun Run on Thursday, September 19th!! This will be a great event for all students to participate in!  Donations for this fun run will help support student programming for the 2019-2020 school year. Information packets will go home next week. Questions can be directed to Mandy Barton at or Melissa Lenski

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  • Westgate Wire 8/23/19

    Posted by Christopher Martelli on 8/23/2019

    Westgate Wire 8.23.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Families! We had a fantastic first two days of hopefully your child(ren) came home excited and ready for more! Here are just a few reminders as the weekend approaches. 

    • We look forward to seeing everyone tonight at the Back to School Beach Party.  This free event is open to all Westgate students and their families.  Party starts at 5:30pm.  Check out the flyer for more details.

    • Westgate Cares Service Club online REGISTRATION opens Monday 8/26 at 10:00 am until Friday 9/6 at 5:00 pm.  Westgate Cares is a service club for 1-5 graders and we do monthly service projects and other events to support those in need in our community and around the world.  Please register on Monday at  Questions?  Email Bridget
    • We are still looking to hire a Teaching Assistant to support some students. If you are interested, please contact our office ASAP.

    • When you pick-up or drop-off, please do not bring pets, specifically dogs, on school property. Many students are afraid of dog and we want our students to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. In addition, pet can be unpredictable so for safety reasons, we ask that you not bring them on to school grounds.  

    • AM Drop-off

      • Pull forward as far as possible.

      • Children must exit curbside.

      • Follow directions from the staff outside.

      • Follow ALL street signage.

      • Watch for children crossing at crosswalks. 

      • For the safety of our students, do not use cell phones.

    • PM Pick-up

      • All of the above continue to apply.

      • Parking on Dwyer between Dwyer/Grove intersection and front circle is prohibited.

    I hope to see many of you at tonight's PTA event!


    Chris Martelli



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  • Westgate Wire 8/16/19

    Posted by Christopher Martelli on 8/16/2019

    Westgate Wire 8.16.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Families, 

    Excitement is in the air as we quickly approach the start of another school year! I have included two important messages for the first day of school and from our PTA. We look forward to seeing everyone next week!

    August 22 is our first day of school for all K-5 students. Things to remember onour first day include:

    • All teachers will be in the front of the school with signs so students can locate them prior to entering school
    • The front circle drive will be closed to all cars
    • CAP students will be escorted to the front circle to locate their class
    • I will welcome everyone to the new school year and we wil participate in a fantastic Westgate tradition by saying the Pledge together as a school community
    • Students will then enter the school with their teacher

    The Westgate PTA Back-to-School Beach Party is one week away and we are very excited to celebrate a new school year. We are still in need of both adult and student volunteers. This is a free event for all Westgate families and we rely on volunteers to make it a success. 

    Please sign up to help! 

    Link to Flyer-

    Adult volunteer link-!/showSignUp/60b0f4caeaa2e5-back

    Junior high/high school volunteer link-

    *Don’t forget your donations for Westgate Cares. Please see link on the flyer. 

    Thank you! We look forward to seeing you there!


    Chris Martelli & The Westgate PTA


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  • Westgate Wire

    Posted by Christopher Martelli on 8/9/2019

    WESTGATE WIRE 8.9.19

    Good Afternoon Westgate Community, 

    This is our first Westgate Wire of the 2019-2020 school year, which is a combined newsletter from our school and PTA. The purpose of this communication is to help our community stay informed and engaged in our school, and your child’s experience, here at Westgate. This first Westgate Wire includes:

    1. Important School Dates

    2. PTA News

    3. Who is Chris Martelli?

    Important School Dates:

    • August 13 at 10:00 a.m. our students will be hosting school tours to all new students (1st - 5th grade) and families to Westgate. Please take advantage to help create a sense of calm for your child as they start this new adventure. 

    • August 19 will be supply drop-off from 3:00-3:30 here at Westgate. This is an opportunity for your and your child to help get organized prior to the year beginning.

    • August 22 is our first, full-day of school for all K-5 grade students. Things to remember on our first day:

      • All teachers will be in the front of the school with signs so students can locate them prior to entering school

      • The front circle drive will be closed to all cars

      • CAP students will be escorted to the front circle to locate their class

      • I will welcome everyone to the new school year and we will participate in a fantastic Westgate tradition by saying the Pledge together as a school community

      • Students will then enter the school with their teacher

    • September 4 is our Curriculum Night when parents will get a chance to meet the teacher and hear what fantastic learning will take place throughout the year. The schedule is as follows:

      • 6:00-6:30 - Special Teachers (Art, LMC, Music, & PE) will present in the LMC

      • 6:00-6:30 - Primary presentations for K-2 grade classrooms

      • 6:30-6:45 - Principal & PTA welcome

      • 6:45-7:15 - Intermediate presentations for 3-5 grade classrooms

    PTA News: 

    The PTA has lots of fun things planned for this school year! We are thankful to all our parent volunteers and encourage you to help when you can.  

    If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please use the following link:

    Any junior high or high school students in need of volunteer hours? Please let them know that we need help!

    Who is Chris Martelli?

    Considering the length of our first communication, I will do my best to keep this introduction brief. This will be my 15th year as a school principal and I could not be more excited! Having met many staff, and parents, over the past two weeks, it is evident that everyone takes great pride in the culture here at Westgate. My goals for the year are still being developed as I meet with staff and parents. My intention is to listen carefully and blend my experiences with the needs identified for our building so we can provide an engaging learning experience for our students. 

    I believe deeply in both academic and social/emotional learning for our students. I am thrilled to see The Leader in Me is such a part of what our staff and students engage in and I look forward to learning more about this framework. I believe our instruction should be interesting, engaging, and purposeful. Only then can our students develop the 21st century skills they will need when they leave Westgate. I believe we need to create an emotionally safe learning environment for our students by being consistent and treating everyone with dignity. And lastly, I believe that we provide the best learning experience for our students through the collaborative efforts of our staff. No one person has all the answers, but through the collective wisdom of our teams, we will be able to give your child all they deserve. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read our first Westgate Wire and I look forward to meeting you very soon!


    Chris Martelli



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