Your District, Your Benefits

  • District 25 offers a comprehensive benefits package to full-time/job-share and part time certified/licensed (.5 FTE or greater) employees. There is no waiting period for coverage; you are eligible on your first day of work.


    Open Enrollment is held once a year – usually in November. During this open enrollment period, you may enroll, change plans and/or add dependents. You cannot make any changes outside of the open enrollment period unless you have a qualifying "life change" event and you have 30 days from the effective date of the life event to make the changes.

  • Life Event

    Employees cannot legally make changes to their benefits outside of the open enrollment period unless they have a qualifying "life change" event. You have 30 days from the effective date of the life event to make changes.

    Qualifying Life Events:

    • Birth or Adoption of a Child
    • Marriage / Civil Union
    • Loss of Non-District Insurance
    • Gain of Non-District Insurance
    • Divorce / Legal Separation
    • Death of a Dependent

    Life event enrollments are completed through B-Swift. Information, instructions and a list of supporting documents that are needed can be found within the library section of B-Swift.


    Medical Insurance

    The District offers the choice of four different Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical plans. All required annual notices, insurance rates, summaries of benefit coverage (SBC), information needed for enrollment, and forms are located within the library section of B-Swift.

    Employees are encouraged to register with Blue Access for Members (BAM) BAM. BAM allows you 24-hour access to manage your benefits, print and/or request ID cards, see explanation of benefits, and much more.

    BAM Registration


    Dental Insurance

    The District offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. Insurance rates, benefit coverage, and information needed for enrollment are located within the library section of B-Swift.

    Employees are encouraged to register with Delta Dental. Registering allows you 24-hour access to print or order ID cards, check covered expenses, and much more.

    Delta Dental Registration


    Vision Insurance

    The District has one vision plan - Vision Service Plan (VSP). Insurance rates, benefit coverage, and information needed for enrollment are located within the library section of B-Swift.

    VSP does not issue benefit cards. Employees should choose a provider that accepts VSP insurance and your information will be in the provider's computer system.

    VSP Summary



    MAIL ORDER: Alliance/Prime Theraputics, in conjunction with Walgreens, is the District's mail order prescription service. Alliance offers reduced co-pays on maintenance type prescription medications. In many situations, you will be able to receive a 90-day supply from Alliance for the cost of a 60-day supply from your local pharmacy.

    CRX: PPO participants can take advantage of prescription discounts through SD25Meds. Advantages of joining the SD25Meds program administered by CRX are:

    • $0 CO-PAY for all prescriptions offered through the program
    • prescriptions shipped directly to your home with no shipping and handling costs
    • no out-of-pocket expenses

    Additional information and a formulary list are available within the library section of B-Swift.


    Life Insurance

    All benefited employees are covered by a $50,000 life insurance policy which is paid for by the District. Additional life insurance for yourself, or life insurance for a spouse and/or children can be purchased. Information and rates regarding the purchase of additional life insurance can be found within the library section of B-Swift.


    Employee Assistance Program

    The District offers an employee assistance program for all employees through ComPsych Guidance Resources. ComPsych provides no-cost, confidential solutions to life's challenges, anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Click here for more information and on the logo to the right for a link to ComPsych's website.


    Tax Shelter 403(b) Annuity Program

    The District offers the opportunity to participate in a 403(b) program to any District employee. For information or assistance contact Beth Satera at 847-758-4881 or

    403(b) Annual Notice 2022

    403(b) overview memo

    403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement 2022

    403(b) Authorized Providers

    AHSD25 403(b) Plan Document


    Flexible Spending Account

    This is an account in which you can elect to have money taken out of your pay check on a pre-tax basis. There are two options available, medical and dependent care, and you can select either one or both. The benefit of this plan is that you save money on income taxes, but it does require careful planning, as any unused money in the account at the end of the year is forfeited.

    Flexible Spending Accounts are managed by Employee Benefits Corp EBC

    More information can be found in the library section of B-Swift.


    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    The FMLA allows eligible employees to take job protected leave from work for the reasons and the amount of time described on the FMLA poster. While FMLA leave is unpaid, the District will substitute an employee's accrued paid leave and/or compensatory time-off for unpaid leave. All policies and rules regarding the use of paid leave apply when paid leave is substituted for unpaid FMLA leave. Any substitution of paid leave for unpaid FMLA leave will count against the employee's FMLA leave entitlement. See Board policy 5:185 for further details.

    AHSD25 Family Medical Leave Act Summary

    Employees who will be absent for more than 3 days should contact the Benefits Manager to discuss FMLA options.


    Sick Leave Bank

    The intent of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide extended sick leave to those members who experience an extended absence due to the employee's own prolonged illness or hospitalization, or the prolonged illness or hospitalization of an employee's immediate family member. For purposes of this policy, "immediate family member" shall be defined as spouse, children (or other dependents living in your home), parents, parents-in-law, sons-in-law, and daughters-in-law. The Sick Leave Bank shall not be available for use in conjunction with any illness due to elective surgery or cosmetic surgery. In order to be eligible to draw from the Bank, a member must:

    • be a contributor to the Bank
    • present a doctor's certificate of continuing illness, including date that they are anticipated to return to work
    • have used all of his/her accumulated sick leave and all other available compensation days (i.e. personal business days, vacation days, comp time, etc.)

    An eligible District 25 Sick Leave Bank member who has used all sick days, personal days, vacation days, and comp time may request days from the Sick Leave Bank by completing a Sick Leave Bank application and submitting it to the Benefits Manager.

    Upon receipt of an application, the Sick Leave Bank Committee will convene within five business days to review the request and determine whether or not to grant the request for Sick Leave Bank days. The employee will be notified via email with the Committee's decision.

    SLB District application

    SLB ATA application

    SLB SEIU application


    Wellness and Flu Shot Clinics

    The District typically holds a Flu Shot Clinic in the Fall, and a Wellness Clinic in the Spring. Information regarding the clinics will be made available through email in the weeks leading up to the events.

Benefits Manager

  • Benefits Manager

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