• Pre-Registration for Students (Grades 1 - 5) NEW to District 25 in 2022-2023 - CURRENT YEAR

    How Do I Register my New Student for the CURRENT 2022-2023 School Year?

    Please Note:  This page is only intended for students (grades 1 - 5) who will be NEW to Arlington Heights School District 25 for the 2022-2023 school year.  

    New Student Registration is a three-step process. Please know that ALL THREE STEPS are required before your child is fully registered with Arlington Heights School District 25.

    Step 1 (Pre-Registration): Click the following link to complete and submit the online form (only if you are new to District 25):  Pre-Registration Form

    Step 2 (Required Paperwork):
     Registration forms will either be emailed to you, or mailed to your home address provided during Step 1.  Please complete all required forms and collect all requested supporting documentation.  You should return your completed forms to your school's main office staff as early as possible.  One of the forms that all NEW families (families who do not have any students currently attending a District 25 school) must complete is the Verification of Residency Form, along with providing 3 acceptable supporting residency documents.  Click Here for more information on District 25 Residency Requirements.

    Step 3 (Online Registration):
     You will receive an email, via the email address you provided in Step 1, providing you with a student-specific link to take you to your child's online registration form.  Please note, this is an additional online registration process to what was completed in Step 1 -- ALL STUDENTS must complete this online registration in order to be enrolled.

    General New Student Information

    *  All students attending a District 25 school must live within the District 25 boundaries.  All families will be required to prove residency EVERY YEAR showing that they live at the address provided during registration.  Students will not be considered enrolled until residency is verified and registration is completed.  If you need to verify that you live within District 25 boundaries, please consult the Cook County Map Website and enter your address, click directly on the property, and click on "view district details".

    *  If you have verified that you live within the District 25 boundaries, but you are unsure which school you will attend, please contact the District 25 Administration Office at 847-758-4900.

    *  To view the District 25 policy on Early Entrance Requests, please click here.

    *  To view information on available before/after school care, please click here.

    To Register a Kindergartener for the current 2022-2023 school year, please click here.

    To Register a NEW STUDENT (Grades 6 - 8) for the current 2022-2023, please contact the main office of the school your child will attend to request your registration materials.

    To Pre-Register a NEW STUDENT (Grades 1 - 8) for NEXT SCHOOL YEAR (2023-2024), please click here



    If you have any questions, please contact or visit your school's main office.