Financial Philosophy and Plan 

  • Arlington Heights School District 25 is committed to establishing, maintaining, and improving educational programs within the funds provided by taxes and other sources. The District is committed to continuous improvement of all components of the educational organization and to long-term financial health through comprehensive multi-year planning. This multifaceted approach includes increasing revenues and controlling expenditures.

  • Increasing revenues


    • Supporting legislation that increases the state's funding of education
    • Seeking grants from the state and federal governments, and from private sources
    • Developing partnerships with and donations from companies, service organizations, and foundations
    • Maintaining and increasing student and user fees as necessary
    • Seeking waivers from the state when deemed appropriate
    • Determining timeline and planning for a future funding referendum

    Controlling expenditures


    • Operating efficiently and effectively in all areas
    • Controlling costs in non-educational areas to provide resources for use in instructional programs
    • Managing direct educational expenditures
    • Generating savings from utility deregulation
    • Continuing a preventative maintenance program
    • Purchasing goods and services on a competitive basis
    • Utilizing volunteers
    • Refinancing debt taking advantage of interest rate savings
    • Providing self-supporting programs
    • Seeking shared service/purchasing opportunities with other agencies

    The Board goal is to not drop below a total 60% fund balance.