Let's Eat!

  • Ordering Lunch:
    Every morning teachers take a “lunch count” for the day. Students must raise their hand when the teacher takes the “lunch count”. Meals are ordered according to this hand count. Students may select from two options each day:  "Hot Lunch" or "Other Lunch".  The "Other Lunch" option changes weekly so be sure to check the menu for the offerings.


    Paying for Lunch:
    On the elementary level, all students have a lunch card located at the lunch line daily. Each student’s card has their name and each grade has a designated color card.  After walking through the lunch line, the child will put the card in a basket.  Then the cards are scanned using a computer system at the end of the lunch period, which will deduct the amount the lunch costs from the child’s previous balance.


    Negative balances: 
    Each day the food service department will develop a list of students with a negative balance more than $2.85. An automated phone call will be made at 8:00 a.m. informing the family that their student's account is negative. Once the account has reached a negative balance of $8.55, the student will be called to the front office and given an alternative lunch in a brown bag. The regular price will be charged for this lunch. Parents are asked to respond to the phone calls and keep their child's lunch account current. An account set up at mymealtime.com will allow you to monitor your student's lunch account purchases as well as their account balances.


    The Food Service Department would like to encourage that meal payments are made in advance. It is your choice to either pay online (fees apply) or send a check in with your student. Your student will hand in the check to their homeroom teacher in the morning. That money is then sent to the office and picked up by the food service staff to be deposited. Meal payment (cash or check) should be placed in an envelope marked “School Lunch” and must include the following information:


    • PAYMENT: CHECK________  CASH ________


    Checks are to be made payable to Arlington Heights School District 25.

    If you have more than one student at the same school you only need to write one check, but indicate how much is to go into each child’s account. The indicated amount will be deposited in each student’s account via the computer. Money will be carried over to the next year, until the student graduates from our district. Many families prefer to pay in advance for a certain number of meals, so it is easy to keep track of when to send money.

    • 1 meal          $ 2.85
    • 5 meals         $14.25
    • 10 meals       $28.50
    • 20 meals       $57.00

    Money deposited in a student’s account can be used for lunches or for snacks with parental permission.