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Learning About Volcanoes

Learning About Volcanoes Through A Personal Experience

Recently, students in Mrs. Tassi and Ms. Gattuso’s multi-age first and second grade classes learned about a force that changed the earth’s surface in Hawaii by consulting with an expert via Skype.  A student’s grandfather, Mark Hamm, grew plants in Hawaii near an active volcano, Kilauea.  In 2013, active vents started to flow near a town and Mr. Hamm’s nursery.  People panicked, not only because the risk of the lava flow that could overtake their homes, but even worse, it looked like their road and connection to the outside world might be cut off.  During the panic, Mr. Hamm purchased other nurseries in the area, and fortunately the lava tubes went back underground and the road was fine. 

Mr. Hamm shared a slideshow of images that he talked through during the Skype session, so that students had a visual to better understand his personal experience as a business owner in Hawaii at the time of a volcanic eruption.  Students had the opportunity to ask questions to clarify their understanding, which made their current science unit about the earth’s changing surface and their content literacy unit really come alive!