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Students Shine in the V-Show


For 26 years Westgate’s students have showcased their vast array of talent at the annual “Westgate Variety Show.” From kindergarteners to fifth graders, this year’s twenty-six acts provided such an exciting and fun filled evening for all of the Westgate community!

The show began with the long-standing tradition of the 5th grade act. Fifth-graders sang four familiar pop songs but with the words slightly changed to reflect their time at Westgate. It’s always such a bittersweet way to end their fifth-grade year!

The variety and quality of all of the performances were amazing! There were several dance routines, ranging from large groups to duos, and there were singing performances from soloists to small groups. Two students demonstrated their talent on musical instruments, one on violin and one on piano. Two separate comedy skits had the audience in stitches. A baton twirler, Hawaiian hula dancer, gymnastics group, Rubik’s cube master, and a dancing trio with jump rope tricks added to the range of creative talent at Westgate. It was clear that students and their families put a ton of time into the choreography, costumes and props!

Behind the scenes, the gym was where all of the performers gathered and waited for their turn to go on stage. Alyson Spagnoli, a teacher on the volunteer staff committee for the variety show, was in the gym throughout the night, and observed that “… the students were "proactive" as they rehearsed their routines, "sharpened the saw" as they enjoyed snacks from the concessions, and "synergized" as they cheered on friends as they watched the live video of the other performances. It was so sweet seeing the students encourage and root on one another before/after they went on stage.”

The Variety Show also provides students with leadership opportunities to work as backstage crew, lighting crew, and sound crew. The Variety Show itself is organized by a group of Westgate teachers who love to inspire the raw talent in young children. “It’s such a rewarding experience to be part of the contagious excitement felt by performers and student crew members alike. I’m always amazed by our student body’s’ talent, dedication, and creativity. Each year our students find new and clever ways to show off their talents,” said Amy Arce, a second-grade Westgate teacher on the Variety Show committee.

Click on the link below to watch a short video previewing the acts.

V-Show 2017