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Meet your new admin: Lori Naumowicz, Thomas Middle School

The new building administrators have jumped right into their new roles here in Arlington Heights School District 25, but they still had some time to answer a few quick questions to better introduce themselves to their communities.

Below is who Lori Naumowicz is as an Associate Principal at Thomas Middle School.


Give us a brief history of your career...what has lead you to this new role in District 25?

I've always admired the D25 school district and felt that this would be a great place to call home!

For the last 5 years I served as an Assistant Principal in Wilmette Public School District at both the elementary and junior high levels. During the 15 years prior to administration I served as an RtI / PBIS coordinator and taught PE/Health in East Maine School District. In addition, I have coached a variety of sports (including a short stint at Prospect High School as a gymnastics coach, which is funny because I can hardly do a cartwheel. Ha!).


Tell us about your home life...who, what, where?

My husband and I, along with our 3 boys and dog Moses, just moved to Prospect Heights. We have a junior and a freshman at Hersey High School and our youngest son just started River Trails Middle School.


The ideal way I spend my free time is.....

Doing things with my family. Love the outdoors... going to the beach, biking, kayaking, boating... most of my free time is spent at sporting events with my kids.


What is your vision for your respective school? What do you hope to accomplish?

My vision for Thomas is that we continue to offer students, staff and our community an amazing middle school experience. My hope is that each child finds something that they enjoy, something they can excel in, and therefore leaves Thomas feeling a sense of pride and self-confidence, and is well prepared for high school.


If I were an animal...I would be...  A proud Timber Wolf! Go Thomas!


Why did you originally become an educator?

Helping others is something I really enjoy doing...Those "ah ha" moments when you're learning new things and teaching new things to others are so rewarding!


Anything else you want to say to your community?

Yes, THANK YOU!!!  I am incredibly grateful and over the moon excited to become part of the D25 community. This is such a special place to be! I am looking forward to getting to know our families and thank you for allowing me to share in your children's lives.

Adam Harris