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VIDEO: Pride of the Wolfpack hits the links


Arlington Heights, IL – Forty-five Timberwolves proudly walked onto the Arlington Lakes Golf Club on the prowl to bring a positive impact back to their den at Thomas Middle School.

The first Pride of the Wolfpack golf outing raised just under $7,300 and brought the Thomas Middle School community, old and new, together over the summer.

“The Pride of the Wolfpack assembly each year has been so successful and such a positive experience for the students, that we thought we could use that momentum to put an outing together,” Anthony Kuch said.

Kuch and fellow Thomas teacher Greg Keadle, started and continue to organize the annual Pride of the Wolfpack (POTWP) assembly where TMS graduates, who have moved on to play professional or collegiate athletics, are inducted into the POTWP Hall of Fame. The inductees accept their nomination with a speech and an afternoon of relationship building with the current Timberwolve students.

“We were brainstorming ways to use the Pride of the Wolfpack idea to make a bigger impact on the students and community,” Keadle said, “and hopefully in the process make a stronger connection with alumni.”

Kuch and Keadle have created a dedicated community of POTWP Hall of Famers that return annually to watch the new inductees accept their honor and give a speech. The likes of Dave Corzine, a former NBA player, Tom Nelson, a former NFL player, and Luke Fabrizius a former basketball player for the University of Dayton, among many others, travel back to Thomas and attend the ceremony each year.

The golf outing expanded the Pride of the Wolfpack reach as it brought together community members, local businesses, volunteers and even former Thomas staff members. There were 45 golfers and 55 dinner attendees, 14 hole-sponsors, and many donations for raffle prizes, all to benefit Thomas and bring this prideful community closer together.

“We have a very supportive and generous community in Arlington Heights,” Keadle said.

Hole sponsors ranged from local businesses to Thomas families to District 25 staff and administration. Raffle prizes were donated by many businesses as well as POTWP Hall of Fame inductees.

“This was a great event that was made possible by a lot of people, Kuch said. “All of the money raised will benefit past, present, and future Timberwolves.”

Kuch and Keadle plan to put this outing together again next year and hope it will continue to grow.

Adam Harris