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Back To School – A View From The Top

August 27th, 2015

Arlington Heights, IL – Excitement, pride and laughter rang all through the morning in sunny Arlington Heights as students lined up, anxiously awaiting the first bell of the school year.

Sixth graders at South Middle School proudly stepped out of their cars, taking what they learned the past six years with them through the middle school halls. The community aims to move forward together, and it started with a pep rally right after homeroom.

At Thomas Middle School, the seventh graders counted down the final seconds of summer while the eighth grade homerooms paired with the sixth grade homerooms, ensuring a smooth transition between elementary and middle school.

Kindergartners at Ivy Hill Elementary practically leapt off the buses and into their classrooms, eager to begin their journey through AHSD 25. Families bonded in line, waiting to kick off Ivy’s 50th year.

Westgate continued its prideful tradition as the entire staff, student body and community met at the flagpole to raise the flag together in celebration, pledging to a new year.

At Greenbrier, the students, so friendly and so familiar, reconnected through their Gator hallways; the families excited to bond yet again through school.

Welcome coffee for parents and high fives for students were shared over at Dryden. All felt warm welcomes, as their Dryden Dolphins continue to evolve yet remain a strong school community.

The new Windsor Way of kind, safe and respectful rang throughout the halls today. The only tears shed were by kindergarten parents who already missed their excited young ones. The Wildcats embraced their mobile way of learning in their modular classrooms.

Patton Elementary and Principal Eric Larson invited their young learners in with a jovial assembly and many “selfies,” promoting the positive and comforting influence technology can have on education. A great video montage was put together highlighting Patton’s excitement and pride.

The Olive-Mary Stitt staff met their students with hard hats, embracing the construction to come this year. Joyful cheers filled the commons as students waved furiously to get their teacher’s attention as he/she stood on stage after being introduced.

Every school in AHSD 25 has a different way of welcoming their students back to school, but they all had one thing in common when asked. The anticipation and excitement may have caused a sleepless night before, but alert and excited were all eyes across AHSD 25. 

How was your first day, principals?

SOUTH - “Our South Spirit was inspiring today. If this is any indication of what the school year is going to be like, I am the luckiest of principals!"- Principal Boston.    

THOMAS -“I wish I could harness the excitement of the first day. We are blessed to have an incredible group of students eager to learn, to work with their friends and excited to take risks and challenge themselves.” – Principal Kaye                               

WESTGATE - "“Westgate students celebrated the first day! The energy of the day filled the moment, making the morning both fun and positive.” - Principal Badynee

WINDSOR - “The energy was absolutely fantastic. The first day of school is such a wonderful feeling, it is hard to put into words. Our students lit up when they saw their teachers and that’s what made today so memorable.” – Principal Fabrizio

PATTON - “I love when students enter the school on the first day because their energy and excitement fills everyone up in a special way! I can't imagine a better place to be.” – Principal Larson                                         

DRYDEN -  “The first day of school is like a big holiday to celebrate. We are just so happy and excited to have children back in our building! It’s rewarding to see our Dolphins mature another year.” – Principal Sessler                             

OLIVE-MARY STITT - "The first day of school at Olive is always filled with joy. The quiet hallways of summer become full of laughter and friendships again. We love reconnecting with all of our families." – Principal FitzPatrick                    

GREENBRIER - “What a great Gator Day! It was wonderful to see all students and parents. The building hummed with the energy of our students. We are all looking forward to Growing at Greenbrier this year.” – Principal Bingaman

IVY HILL - “The buzz in the air was filled with excitement as students caught up with old friends and met new ones.  The 1st day is always so special because it is such a positive and welcoming experience for everyone involved.” – Principal Kaese

Adam Harris