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Westgate Wolverines Rush the Field at Rolling Meadows

September 28th, 2015

Arlington Heights, IL – Student’s in Miss Gattuso’s first and second multi-age classroom pummeled their visitor with hard-hitting questions Friday morning at Westgate Elementary. 

The students were both curious and in awe of who stood before them. It was Luka Pavlakis, senior at Rolling Meadows High School, and a captain on the football team.Lukas Pavlakis of Rolling Meadows High School, reads to the Westgate multi-age classroom.

Pavlakis and 13 of his Mustang teammates visited Westgate Elementary that Friday to spend time with the future Rolling Meadows students. The Mustang football players each read a book to participating classrooms and answered questions about the glories and fun of being a High School Student.

“How old are you? When were you born?” one student asked Pavlakis without taking a breath.

“Do you have gym in high school? What about recess?” another asked.

“Are you a singer?” one baffled student asked thinking she heard Pavlakis say he was a “singer,” not “senior in high school.”

Pavlakis answered all questions with an inviting smile, despite having to break the news of no recess to the children full of wonder and genuine interest.

Westgate students also had serious questions leading to a discussion and lessons learned about the commitments and responsibilities of being a high school student with extra curricular activities.

“I have practice every day, and sometimes I don’t leave school until after our Friday night games,” Pavlakis said. “I have one day off and I need to make sure I am responsible as a student to get my work done so I can enjoy being in high school.”

The Westgate students added a lot to Pavlakis’ day as well, humbling him and bringing him back to an earlier time period in his life.

“It’s such a fun experience,” he said. “I love how excited they get about reading and learning.”

That evening, it was Westgate’s turn to return the favor. Rolling Meadows had a crucial game against Wheeling, and the “soon to be” Mustangs rushed the field, leading the Rolling Meadows varsity team through the warm up tunnel, prior to the game.

Afterward, the Westgate students were invited to stay and watch as Rolling Meadows took care of Wheeling, improving their record to 3-2.

Adam Harris