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VIDEO: More Than Pumpkins at Patton’s Pumpkin Patch

Arlington Heights, IL – At the end of a typical Friday in any school district, students often hear the bell and rush for the door, high tailing it home to regroup before beginning school on Monday.

That wasn’t the case this past Friday at Patton Elementary School as students indeed rushed from their classrooms, but not to go home. They swarmed Patton’s outdoor recess area looking for costumes, doughnuts, apple cider, taffy apples and, of course, pumpkins.

“This is a service for our families,” Vice President of the Patton PTA and Social Event Coordinator Carrie May said. “This is a really nice activity to put on for our community.”

At this years Patton’ Pumpkin Patch, Patton families lined the courtyard, eating apple doughnuts and debating which pumpkins would come home to be carved and displayed. Apple cider, brownies, cookies, and Halloween candy was available to enjoy.

“I like the cookies,” Jake, a Patton 5th grader said. “They are scrumptious. I also like to just see my friends and play football and basketball. The [PTA] committee is great.”

The PTA committee worked hard to put this Friday afternoon event on, coordinating the drop off of two tons of pumpkins in the Patton yard. The costume exchange station was full of energy and creativity as students lined up to gather ideas and try on potential Halloween attire.

Many students swarmed the camera and microphone to help get the word out about how much fun they were having.

“There’s so much to do and there’s so much food,” a group of Patton’s fourth grade girls said.

Patton PTA’s motivation for an event like this was to celebrate fall and re-gather everyone after a summer of being apart.

“It’s fantastic to see all of the families out here and everyone hanging out with each other,” May said. “The students and the families get to know each other which further develops our sense of community.”

Article & Video: Adam Harris