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VIDEO: Geography Bee Crowns Its Third Champion at Ivy

January 22, 2016


Arlington Heights, IL - Excitement pulsed at Ivy yesterday as the Fourth and Fifth grade, Eagles flew into the commons, with signs, banners and certainly their voices, ready to support the 10 finalists for Ivy Hills geography bee.

This is the third year of the geography bee at Ivy Hill, originally put together by fifth grade teacher Nashwa Mekky. All fourth and fifth grade classes participated in the preliminary rounds, held in the classrooms. The top ten were selected from there and invited to a public final.

Parents of the contestants were invited to come see as their student stepped up to the microphone, fielding question after question, from moderator and fifth grade teacher Ellie Branson, while the judges, Dr. Eric Olson, from district office, and Ms Mekky, kept score.

For those parents not able to attend, the GEO BEE was broadcasted via Google Hangouts and links were distributed.

Each time a student was eliminated, they were cheered and supported by the entire crowd who were as energetic as can be. Some in the crowd knew the answers, but they restrained themselves.

After a verbal round and a written round with maps as a reference, it eventually was down to two finalists.

Tommy and Andy needed to answer three questions to determine who is champion of Ivy and will move on to take a test to see if they qualify for the state competition.

Andy ended up answering one more question than Tommy, to secure his championship, but no matter, the day was as energetic and community driven as can be expected.

Congratulations to all of the Ivy Hill contestants and to the champion Andy. Good luck on the test!

Adam Harris