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District 25 TMS Choir & Jazz Band entertain at Luther Village

April 1, 2016


Arlington Heights, IL – A retired Luther Village resident left the lunchroom with a smile Thursday afternoon, and walked right up to the front desk attendant.

“Wow, those kids are really good,” she said to the woman managing the front desk.

She was referring to District 25 Thomas Middle School’s choir and jazz band, which were just around the corner, rocking out for the Luther Village residents.

The mix of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students kicked off the performance with the choir, who sang an assortment of new and old songs for the residents.

“We try to sing songs that mean something to our audience,” seventh grade Thomas choir singer Melissa Gibbs said. “That’s why Mrs. Hojek introduces our songs to the audience with an explanation.”

This was Gibbs’s second time performing for the Luther Village residents, and she said she always likes performing here.

“I really like to sing,” Gibbs said. “I like singing here because they chose to have us come. They are excited to hear us.”

TMS Choir performs some favorites for the Luther Village residents. After Thomas’s Choir Club finished singing On Top of the World by the Imagine Dragons, the Thomas Jazz Band grabbed their instruments and took their places on stage to perform their four songs.

The audience rocked back and forth, tapping their feet to the funky and familiar PEnnsylvania 6-5000 as all members of the jazz band were involved. Even the sound effect of a telephone ringing was incorporated into the performance of the 1940 hit song.

The many Luther Village residents, who were all smiles during both performances, applauded solos and commented to their friends and family members. This all added to a fun and jazzy atmosphere where two Arlington Heights staples came together to support one another.

“We should give back to our community,” choir leader Kate Hojek said. “They support what we do so we should share the music that we love.”

Adam Harris