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Video: Forging a new frontier



October 6, 2017

Arlington Heights, IL – The grassy field behind Arlington Heights School District 25’s Administration Building was home to a colonial town today, as fifth graders from the district were invited to go back in time, to a simpler lifestyle.

The fifth grade students were bussed to the Administration Building (1200 S Dunton Avenue) to walk through a colonial reenactment of a town circa 1776.

The town consisted of ten tents, displaying a different character’s role for each stop. Students walked in groups from station to station and heard a presentation from the reenactor. The reenactors were in complete character, dressed to best display and present everything they can about their specific role back in colonial America.

Reenactor roles included, a carpenter, a British Grenadier, a frontiersman, a trapper, a spinner, militia, an innkeeper and a surveyor. Displays included clothing and children’s toys and games of that time period. The students asked questions to the reenactors based on the information presented and information provided in weeks leading up to the event.

Adam Harris