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Video: South & Dryden learn from the Sicilian experts

Arlington Heights, IL - Gaining perspective seems to come easier when a real connection is made and a live experience is had.

And students in Lisa Sasso's Italian Language classes at South Middle School along with Mark Nolter's foruth graders at Dryden Elementary gained some perspective of the greater world today as they were visited by ten Sicilian exchange students.

These exchange students are here for a yearly exchange that takes place with District 214 families, but they were able to stop by both South and Dryden during their visit.

Both the District 25 students and the Sicilian students exchanged thoughts, ideas, cultural ideas and preferences.

The students at South showed the Scilian students around their school, and were surprised to hear that they didn't have a gymnasium at their school. They were also surprised to hear that there are no after school sports and that the teachers travel from classroom to classroom to teach, and the students stay put in one classroom.

The students at Dryen prepared group presentations for the students from Sicily, explaining American holidays and traditions and just a day in the life of a fourth grader.

Selfies with the Sicilian students! Selfies with the Sicilian students! On a tour of South! Explaining Halloween!  

Adam Harris