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The Rewards of Running


This is the second year that Westgate teachers Lauren Cory, Natalie Scatena and Taylor Smith have organized a running club for 4th & 5th grade students to train for the ABC25 Just Move It Challenge. The inspiration they provide reaps personal rewards for the students and staff who participate, and exciting news for our school: for the second year in a row, Westgate has received a participation award!

The commitment of time and energy that the that the teachers put in to plan workouts and run with students in the eight weeks leading up to the race is impressive, yet the coaches all agree that it is time well spent. It’s motivating for them to get to know students they otherwise wouldn’t see during the school day, to see how supportive students are of one another, to see the leadership skills students show during practice, and to hear students express their pride and sense of accomplishment in finishing a 5K.


In the Daily Heral

Lynn Szabo