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This year, Patton put on a fun and engaging rendition of Mary Poppins, The Musical.

In fact, each year, every District 25 school puts on a musical for their community. In each one, District and community volunteers dedicate their time, effort and vision to our students.

Parents work on costumes, sets and even choreography with the students.

Teachers extend work hours for rehearsals, meetings and teaching our students about their roles.

And the students, of course, go above and beyond what’s expected, making sure they come together as a team to create something magical.

Whether you sing, dance, act or coordinate sound, run the backstage, or work the lighting, the goal in these musicals is to get the students to understand that each role/job is vital to a great production.

Oh…and to have fun!

Congratulations to all District 25 schools as they finished up musical season.

Thank you to all of the parent, teacher, community and student volunteers. These productions wouldn’t be as impactful without you.

Adam Harris