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Read-A-Thon Day brought to light a very special friendship at Greenbrier


Greenbrier's Read-A-Thon day is an annual event that engages the entire Greenbrier community.

It's a day to celebrate reading with students, parents, high school athletes and aspiring teachers, and local organizations (AH Police & Fire, the Village, the Library, and the Park District).

It gives the community an opportunity to give back and model for the Greenbrier students what it means to be involved and proud in your community, and what it feels like to give back yourself.

This year was the fifth of the Read-A-Thon and each year they have run a book drive where the students and community can donate books. Each year, an estimated 1,000 books have been donated.

The Buffalo Grove High School students are learning to be educators themselves through programming in District 214, and some credit their experience here in District 25 as an inspiration as to why they eventually want to be teachers.


Adam Harris