What is involved in a school evaluation?

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If a child is being considered for special education services, he or she must first qualify for support under one of the 13 IL categories of eligibility. To determine whether a child is eligible or not, with parental consent, school staff will consider the need to complete a variety of assessments in any or all of the following domains: academic achievement, functional performance, cognitive functioning, communication status, health, hearing/vision, motor abilities, and social emotional status. Staff will use a variety of assessments within each domain, the specifics of which will be discussed at a “domains” meeting with parents. No evaluations on children will be completed without signed consent from parents. School staff have 60 days to complete the evaluation once consent is signed and will meet with parents to share the results.


Students with an existing IEP will be considered for a reevaluation every three years by law. The process for reevaluations is the same as explained above.