What happens when my child gets an IEP?

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If your child is found eligible for services under an IEP, the team will meet to discuss goals and services. The child’s IEP will go into effect immediately following the IEP meeting unless there are fewer than 10 days left in the school year. If there are fewer than 10 days left, the IEP will go into effect on the first day of school in the following year.


Each child with an IEP will have an annual review to discuss the current goals, establish new goals, and determine services for the coming year. IEP “years” run on the annual calendar not the school year calendar (e.g., if a child becomes eligible for an IEP in December, his or her annual review would be the following December).

Children will receive the services as outlined by the IEP for the duration of the IEP unless the IEP team meets to amend services. School staff will provide updates on progress toward identified goals at each marking period.