Hard hat time! A tour of the first floor...

Posted by Adam Harris on 2/2/2018


Hi Arlington Heights and the Greenbrier community! Since we have last checked in, a LOT has happened with the four classroom, two story, Greenbrier expansion project.


Interior masonry is ongoing and should be done within two to three weeks. The roof is now water tight which allows for the mechanical/electrical/HVAC trades to begin to install their equiptment.


In the next couple of weeks you will start to see the outside tarp come down and the exterior brick go up. Drive by to watch as the building forms!


The windows are expected to arrive and be installed sometime in March.


This project is really good, both on time and on budget. In fact, according to our Director of Facilities, Ryan Schulz, it is perfectly on time.


The expansion is expected to be ready by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.


Once the summer hits, the interior projects to the existing building will begin. Greenbrier will experience a restroom renovation, some plumbing and lighting work and a front office reconfiguration.


Here are a few pictures of what the second floor looks like:

Second floor stairwell.


Second floor classroom.


Another second floor classroom.