Slowing down...gearing up for summer!

Posted by Adam Harris on 4/11/2018


The Greenbrier expansion project, set to give the Greenbrier community a two story addition, adding four new classrooms and meeting/office spaces, is ahead of schedule and right on budget. It's a breeze.

Greenbrier expansion: south end.

Currently, the windows are being installed and will be by the end of this week. The ceiling tiles will go in next week, and then we all play somewhat of a waiting game. Because the project is so ahead of schedule, there are few things that can be done before the next step.

That next step is to install the cabinetry and shelving in each classroom and office space. Once that is done, the flooring will go in (carpetry and tile). That should all be finished by the end of May.

Then, the workers hit the summer, hard, and venture to the exsisting building. Restrooms will be updated, the front office is set to be rearranged, and the exsisting building will be connected, mechanically and physically, to the expansion.

A new Early Childhood playground will be installed as well as a new K-5 jungle gym and a re-paved blacktop on the north end of the school.

Ten new parking spaces will be created as well, as a result of this expansion project.

All is going well! Stay tuned for more!