Why is it a benefit for Windsor to house these programs?

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The Windsor community is thrilled to be the home for the Communications & Foundations programs for a variety of reasons. The students in these programs add a rich diversity to the community that benefits all students. General education students at Windsor become accustomed to working with all different types of people and learn the importance of patience, kindness, and equality. General education classrooms also benefit from the expertise that the special education team brings to the building (e.g., approaches for children who might struggle in an area). 


Students in the instructional classrooms benefit from receiving instruction at their appropriate level and via appropriate strategies while also participating in a general education school. They have access to peer models and all of the traditional school experiences that a typically-developing student has.


Windsor teachers will share that having "buddies" in their general education classroom is one of the most rewarding experiences in their careers. Windsor parents share that their typically-developing children are comfortable approaching people with disabilities in the community and have learned that everyone has value and unique abilities regardless of the way they look, sound, or communicate.