Tech 25 Vision

  • Arlington Heights School District 25 empowers our community to transform teaching and learning by using current and emerging technology. Our environment promotes innovation, creativity, and discovery while providing opportunities for members to make meaningful contributions and thrive in a global society.


    Guiding Principles

    Students will...

    • Engage in active, responsible, local, national, and global citizenship to gain understanding and respect for diverse cultures
    • Expand the classroom experience beyond traditional time and space limits
    • Demonstrate digital literacy
    • Participate in forums and online collaboration on a regular basis
    • Develop positive online footprints
    • Develop the skills necessary to be intelligent consumers and creators of information on the web
    • Master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from a variety of sources with an understanding of and respect for diverse cultures

    Teachers will...

    • Promote active, responsible, local, national, and global citizenship to gain understanding and respect for diverse cultures
    • Develop learners' critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and application to real-world situations
    • Engage learners in meaningful and challenging work
    • Provide opportunities for learners to grow through a variety of learning experiences
    • Encourage ongoing reflection and discussion about learning, communication, and educational technology
    • Improve student growth in traditional core content areas and the companion content areas such as collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation
    • Facilitate experiences encouraging flexibility of thought, adaptability, resourcefulness, and embracing new challenges
    • Develop and maintain an online presence through blogs, wikis, web pages, and other resources
    • Create an engaging and personalized environment to meet the needs of this and future generations

    The district will...

    • Cultivate lifelong learners who are prepared to adapt to future challenges
    • Promote parent and community participation for the purpose of increasing involvement and developing shared learning experiences
    • Ignite creativity to problem solve and/or develop new ideas
    • Support the school's focus on meeting the individualized needs and interests of learners
    • Provide professional development focused on the relationship between pedagogy, content, and knowledge; including but not limited to individualized learning plans
    • Pursue and support online textbooks and materials when possible
    • Provide resources, training, and policies for Internet safety and digital citizenship
    • Support learning environments characterized by risk-taking where serendipitous occurrences for all learners can take place

Tech 25 Team

  • Tech 25 Resource Center

    1200 S. Dunton Ave.

    Arlington Heights, IL 60005


    Director of Technology

    Chris Fahnoe - Email


    District Support Technician

    Dawn Andrews - Email


    Data and Systems Specialist

    Andrew Benton - Email



    Robyn Cacini - Email


    Information Technology Specialist

    Bradley Katz - Email


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