Tech25 Purpose

  • Tech25 is dedicated to supporting the improvement and transformation of teaching and learning by leveraging current and emerging technologies. We provide innovative and creative tools and an environment that fosters discovery, promotes global citizenship, and enables members of our community to thrive in a rapidly changing society.

    Our mission is to cultivate digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while promoting active citizenship, positive online collaboration, and responsible digital citizens. We aim to empower students and teachers to become intelligent consumers and creators of digital content, expanding the classroom experience beyond traditional boundaries. Through ongoing reflection, professional development, and collaboration with parents and the community, we create personalized learning environments that meet the diverse needs and interests of learners. Our goal is to ignite creativity, support individual growth, and cultivate lifelong learners who are prepared to adapt and excel in a connected future.

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Tech25 Team

  • Tech25 Resource Center
    1200 S. Dunton Ave.
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005

    Director of Technology
    Chris Fahnoe - Email

    District Support Technician
    Steve Waranauskas - Email

    Data and Systems Specialist
    Andrew Benton - Email

    Robyn Cacini - Email

    Network Specialist
    Bradley Katz - Email