• Bingo!  Our Golden Cardinal Cash Bingo game is continuing to be a great way to celebrate students who do positive things at South Middle School.  
    Our Golden Cardinal Cash are given out when students go above and beyond in showing exemplary character at South.  This can take the form of helping a new student in the building with their locker, assisting staff in the classroom, or being an advocate for others. Staff at South have a limited number of Golden Cardinal Cash, affectionally called Golden Tickets sometimes, to hand out to students.  This makes them even more special. The Golden Cardinal Cash will make it’s way home for students to share with their parents as well. 
    When a student receives a Golden Cardinal Cash they randomly draw a number and get their name on our Bingo Board.  If their row get a a Bingo they win a prize! One lucky winner in the row gets the grand prize.  The last grand prizes were a gift card to the movies and an Amazon Echo Dot!
    We love to see our students do great things every day.  Keep it up Cardinals!
    Students pose in the South Middle School entry way with their BINGO prizes. Prizes included star bucks gift cards, a star wars R2D2 lunch box, a pop corn maker and movie tickets!   Check it out! The prizes for Golden Cash BINGO are here!