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  • A goal of District 25 is to provide a safe environment for all children. Students with life threatening allergies may require certain safeguards in order to be safe in school.


    Protecting students with life-threatening allergies is the shared responsibility of families, schools, and the community. Arlington Heights School District 25 cannot create or ensure an all allergen-free environment. That said, the Allergy Guide below addresses the needs of students with life threatening allergies and when implemented will reduce the risks associated with exposure.



Allergy Resource Guide

  • Allergy Resource Guide

    Allergy Resource Guide

    This Allergy Guide establishes the District's protocols and procedures for management of life threatening allergies. It addresses the identification of individual needs, curricular, procedural and environmental modifications, emergency plans, and various stakeholder education and responsibilities. This Allergy guide is intended to meet the needs of students with life threatening food allergies, while also reducing the risk of accidental exposure.
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    District 25 & Food Allergies In the News

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    Use of Foods in School & Related Activities

    Arlington Heights School District 25 endorses the following procedures to support students with life-threatening food allergies in its classrooms: 

    • Food Rewards: District 25 does not endorse the use of food as a reward, except in extraordinary circumstances.
    • Other Uses of Food at School: In the exceptional cases when food is used in class as an instructional tool or at school-sponsored events, teachers must notify students/parents at least two days in advance of any activity using food. This includes providing labels/ingredient lists. In the case of life-threatening allergies, the food experience may need to be completely eliminated from that class if a safe alternative cannot be guaranteed to the student. No student shall be excluded from a district-sponsored activity due to a food allergy.
    • School Celebrations and birthdays: Food will not be present at birthday and other celebrations, such as Halloween/Valentine's parties. Non-food based activities will be utilized to ensure that each celebration is fun and enjoyable.


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