• Work of Heart at Patton


    At Patton, we believe measuring the success of a student extends beyond the classroom. Our teachers and staff are encouraged to extend their teaching to the community and to invite the real world into their classrooms. Our test scores, while important and can help us address each individual student, do not tell the whole story of a student or group of students. Our teachers and staff know they are guiding students whose future has no limit, and we take that personally here. The arts are very important at Patton, and frequently our classroom teachers work with our music and art teachers to incorporate those subject areas into their classrooms, and collaborate to encourage our students' authentic interests and gifts. It's our "Work of Heart" and we do everything from the heart. Enjoy getting to know us through our best practices listed below. Making best practice a "Work of Heart" for the entire school is what we are about.


    Patton is a great place to learn, and we are proud that our school's state report card reflects that. Click here to view the report card in full.For the last 10 plus years, our community has come together for a walk-a-thon. Our teachers organize this event that has grown substantially over time. A total of $120,000 has been raised since the first walk-a-thon for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Students and community members look forward to this event every year because it not only gives back, but it is a fun and exciting event that feels like community.Patton was the first school in District 25 to host a Senior Walk and we are proud of what we've helped to spring-board. Each year, seniors from our feeder High School come to Patton with their cap and gown on and are met with a parade of the hallways. Our students line the halls and applaud the seniors as they walk, as graduates. The seniors are so excited to come back to where it all started and connect with old teachers and staff.We believe our school is more than the numbers that you will find here in the Illinois State Report Card. We are an experience and an environment that students and teachers collaborate in and grow in, together. We take our job personally and are proud of the results, both on paper, and in the growth of our students as human beings. Click here to view Patton’s State Report Card.

    Our classes are small, intimate and personal. We believe it is important for our teachers to have the time and space to get to know their students, one-on-one. We believe that allows for better instruction and, thus, better learning.Our parent/community traffic volunteers is just a snapshot at how much our parents and community care. Twenty-six parents rotate days and shifts to make sure that they cover both drop-off and pick-up, helping parents move through the car line and assisting students in and out of cars. Always with a smile on their face and a welcome message, this helps our students start their day off or end their day on the right foot.Every year, Patton hosts an art show where every student has a piece of art framed and put on display in our commons. The community is invited in and walk through the displays, honoring our students for their work and creativity. This is a great night that not only showcases our students and our teachers but it showcases what Patton's community is all about. Connection and support. 




    Love of community

    At Patton, we have a love for our community. We believe being a part of a community is defined by more than mere proximity and location. Being part of a community is a feeling, rather than a boundary. And the feeling one gets when walking into our building is of care, dedication, safety, warmth, and growth. A community is a sense of belonging, and support and being a part of something bigger than yourself. It's about caring for others, and that care is something that can eventually impact the world.


    We believe teaching about community starts in our classrooms, extends to the school, and expands to the neighborhood, which then impacts the village we live in. Everyone deserves to be a part of our community at Patton. So much of what happens in our school is about relationships and connections with each other and we try to model that as adults for the students. When you feel connected, you feel included and a part of something that is bigger because learning is about people and their journey, not about labels or results.


    This is a place where "everybody knows your name." This is showcased the minute the kids walk out of the car and are greeted by familiar faces, parents and staff, who open the car door for them. Because our students and staff feel a part of a community, here at Patton, they are comfortable and relaxed in this building, and often feel willing to take risks. The strong desire to be productive, and mindful with no distractions, and our safe environment, allows or students and staff the space needed to find presence to be able to do the work that's in front of them. 


    Love of learning

    At Patton, my goodness, do we have a love for learning. We know that love is contagious and our teachers love to learn which spreads to our students. Our staff embraces learning, creating the environment and space for our students to embrace it as well. Learning is constant and evolving. We experience learning as something that happens everywhere and in every form. We value the journey of learning, not the end product or grade.

    We let our students know that learning is all around us. True learning resonates and is personal, and our teachers are constantly meeting kids where they are at, and giving them what they need. Our teachers monitor, assess and then adjust to their students, giving them a personalized experience within their classrooms. We also value our students' voices and empower them to make choices within their structured learning environment.

    At Patton, we believe we have a unique way of looking at learning. Our teachers do not teach 4th grade, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade. Our teachers teach 4th graders, 3rd graders, and 2nd graders. We don't teach the curriculum, we teach the child. We don't teach content, we learn with our students.

    We hope to set our students up for success by setting them up with the right mentality and relationship to learning. We do this by empowering our students to be the best version of themselves. We want our students to know themselves so well that they can create the head space needed to take a test with confidence, do their work with passion, and perform at their personal best. If our students have a voice and choice, we believe they will be set up to do the best that they are capable of doing.


    Love of the fine arts

    At Patton, our love for the fine arts is engrained throughout our community. We believe that the arts are not merely an accessory to learning but they are another tool in the classroom to enhance learning. The integration, teamwork, and collaboration our fine arts programs have with their general education classrooms is effortless and seamless. It just happens and it is embraced by our entire staff.


    The arts give students another opportunity to showcase their talents which works towards developing the whole child.  We want our students to have a consistent creative outlet and a way to express themselves in the typical the classroom environment. Something that is always fun and rewarding to watch is how the kids collaborate on a large, creative production, like our yearly musical. Students venture out of their comfort zone to sing and dance on stage, or manage the sounds, lights, and set design.


    Our annual fine art events are a true testament to the collaboration within our building and with our community. Our fifth grade musical involves the entire community and is a fantastic way to close out the year for our community and say good bye to our fifth graders. Our annual Patton Art Show puts at least one piece of art on display for every student in the building, sending the message that every student's work is worthy of being framed and displayed.


    Both events embody what our school and our community feels about the fine arts and their importance to the growth of a student. 


    Love to give back

    Whether it's a smile in the hallway, a warm welcome to a visitor or $110,000, Patton students know ways to give a piece of themselves to others. It's second nature, here at Patton, to put forth the effort and time needed to have an impact with a neighbor, or even, world-wide.


    We teach our kids about kindness and compassion because we believe those are keys to finding happiness. We teach kids about service through our student council programs and how helping others in need can add personal value and perspective that is immeasurable. The bottom line is, kindness and giving back is a choice. Gifting effort and time or a smile, can change someone's day or even have an impact beyond the walls of Patton. That perspective is important as we develop young contributors to our society. 

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