OMS Families,

    The window for registering for OMS Spring 2021 Parent-Teacher Conferences is NOW OPEN. Please use the directions and links below to access your teacher’s schedule. 

    A couple of reminders:

    • 4th/5th Grade Parents - The conference times are for meeting with your child’s homeroom teacher. If your child has a different teacher for math and you have specific math questions, please email him or her.

    • Please remember that these two days are set aside for the purpose of conferences, not as vacation days. All conferences will be held via Zoom.

    • The purpose of Spring Conferences is to discuss your child’s current performance within the classroom.  Should you wish to share information regarding class placement for the 21-22 school year, please click here.

    If you have any difficulty scheduling a conference, or if you do not have access to the Internet, please contact our technology facilitator, Maribeth Seisser, at mseisser@sd25.org or call the OMS main office at 847.398.4282.


    1. Spring 2021 Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place during the day and evening on Thursday, 2/11/21 and in the morning on Friday, 2/12/21. The window for registering for conferences will be Tuesday, 2/2/21 at 10 am through Tuesday, 2/9/21 at 10 am.

    2. If you already received an email from your teacher regarding your child’s conference time, you do not need to sign up again using these directions, as your conference time slot is already blocked out on the schedule. This priority scheduling only applies to unique situations where certain school personnel are needed for a conference.

    3. Parents will schedule conference appointments using SignUpGenius. Click HERE for SignUpGenius directions with screenshots. This information is also posted on the The Olive Branch.

    4. Each teacher has a unique link, so if you have multiple children, you must log in separately using the appropriate link. Hyperlinks that appear to the right of the selected teacher’s name take you directly to SignUpGenius schedules for all of our classroom teachers and will be provided in the 2/2/21 email (see below). If you have any difficulty using the link, please try using a different Internet browser.

    5. If you have a SignUpGenius account, choose “I’m a SignUpGenius member.” If you do not have or want a SignUpGenius account, choose “I do not have a SignUpGenius account” and fill out your name and email address. If you have multiple conferences to coordinate, you may want to consider signing up for a SignUpGenius account as this will allow you to make changes as you go in and out of different teachers’ schedules.

    6. If you want to create a SignUpGenius account, select “Create a Signup.” If you choose to create an account, you will be able to log in and edit your time slot during the conference sign-up window, if you need to make a change. If you need to make a change after the window closes, you will need to email your child’s teacher.

    7. If you sign in, select Settings on the right-hand side, select the Other tab at the top, then confirm the time zone is set to Central (Central Standard Time). If you have to change the timezone, don’t forget to click Update Settings at the bottom.

    8. On your child’s teacher’s conference schedule, identify which 20-minute time (15-minute for kindergarten) slot you would like to reserve. In the column labeled Available Slot, click on the SignUp button next to the time you would like to reserve, then click on Submit and SignUp located at the bottom of the page.

    9. If you would like to sync your conference time with iCalendar, select “Send me a confirmation email with an iCalendar (.ics) file.”

    10. If you have a specific question/area you would like addressed during the conference, please indicate this in the “My Comment” field.

    11. Click on the “Sign Up Now!” button.

    12. Do not forget to add your conference time to your calendar. If you do not have a SignUpGenius account and you log on to your child’s teacher’s schedule at a later date, you will only see time slots that are “Already Filled,” not specific names.

    13. You will receive an email reminder 4 days prior to your selected conference date.​​​​​​



    Teacher Name

    SignUpGenius URL/Link Click on the teacher's name to access the SignUpGenius URL


    Beth Martens

    Mrs. Martens


    Amy Naughten

    Mrs. Naughten



    Tammy Carlson

    Mrs. Carlson


    Katie Morris

    Mrs. Morris


    Julie Netzel

    Mrs. Netzel


    Karen Nordman

    Mrs. Nordman


    Allsion Spaitis

    Mrs. Spaitis


    Carol Vittore

    Mrs. Vittore



    Jodi Christoforou

    Mrs. Christoforou


    Erin Matray

    Mrs. Matray


    Lynda Mueller

    Mrs. Mueller


    Karrin Musich

    Ms. Musich


    Alinda Wilhelm

    Mrs. Wilhelm



    Katie Bagg

    Mrs. Bagg


    Brittany Baker

    Mrs. Baker


    Jill Helmann

    Mrs. Helmann


    Jamie Molnar

    Mrs. Molnar


    Stephanie Tinaglia

    Ms. Tinaglia


    Meghan Yarbrough

    Mrs. Yarbrough



    Maria Beck

    Mrs. Beck


    Kim Kusiciel

    Mrs. Kusiciel


    Emilee Lim

    Ms. Lim


    Brenda Stevens

    Mrs. Stevens


    Deb Wilson

    Mrs. Wilson



    Kris Edstrom

    Mr. Edstrom


    Theresa Fowler

    Mrs. Fowler


    Chris Muhr

    Mrs. Muhr


    Amanda Range

    Ms. Range


    Debbie Tranter

    Mrs. Tranter



    Kim Brinkman

    Mrs. Brinkman


    Math Intervention

    Beth Klimas

    Mrs. Klimas