At Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary School, we believe that learning is a collective experience. Our students grow as learners and people through one another. Being open to differences, possibilities, and thinking existentially are what we hope our staff practices and then models and teaches to our students. No one in the Olive community should feel alone. Our students are taught to look out for one another and for the community itself. This message not only reaches our students and staff at Olive, but extends to our community outside of our walls. Owls for Others teaches our students to think beyond themselves when they are learning, growing, and creating connections. Our staff embraces and encourages our students to challenge the norm, and understand that there often is more than one answer to a problem. Click around this page to dive into who we are as a school and a community.


    In 2017, Olive-Mary Stitt was honored with the national blue ribbon honor. Click to see why.     At Olive we believe in creating an environment where students and staff excel through collaboration. Our students partner up with other classrooms, usually with an age difference, to work on projects and learn what it is like to be a leader and to be led.    Partnering with our feeder High School and our local college is very important to us, and we welcome any student who hopes to learn and gain experience in the classroom.    

    Wow! A 97% teacher retention rate speaks to our amazing staff and environment. Teachers love teaching at Olive, and we believe that is why they stay here. Retaining our teachers and staff helps to create a stable environment for our students to grow and learn in. A happy teacher lends to a happier classroom which then creates space for our learners to be happy. A happy learner is a more engaged learner.    Once and Owl, always an Owl. We live that by inviting former Owls back for many events like our Senior Walk and High-Five Friday. Students come back to Olive and let us know that they miss it. They feel attached to their time here and tell us how it impacted their lives through High School.    We believe our school is more than the numbers that you will find here in the Illinois State Report Card. We are an experience and an environment that students and teachers collaborate in and grow in, together. We take our job personally and are proud of the results, both on paper, and in the growth of our students as human beings. Click here to view Olive's State Report Card.



    Owls for Others

    At Olive, we believe in service learning. We believe in prioritizing experiences that put students in a position to have an impact on their community. The Owls for Others motto is more than just clever phrasing. It is a way of living and learning each and every day within our building. It is a way to create a safe and sustainable learning and growing environment. Owls for Others asks our students to reflect on "who they are when no one is looking."


    Placing an importance on teaching empathy, care, and kindness creates an ideal learning environment where students will feel at home. Students will not feel judged, thus they can feel free to express themselves and learn as best suits them. The learning comes once the ideals of empathy, care, kindness, and thinking of others are in place. These service learning experiences go hand-in-hand with our curriculum and work inside the classroom and our students experience it every day.


    Learning as a Community - Collective Learning

    At Olive, we teach our students to learn to look out for one another, inside and outside of the classroom. We create an environment where students and teachers learn how to learn in collaboration with one another. We believe that if our school feels comfortable to learn as a whole, it creates impactful growth and higher academic performance. Our teachers are always looking for ways to put our students in a position to collaborate, no matter the academic level or grade. Our older students often connect with and guide our primary students, and that type of collaboration teaches a student to be collaborative, communicative, compromising, a brainstormer, a listener, fearless, trustworthy, and respectful of other opinions. This exercise can also engage disengaged students by putting them in a place to be proud of and demonstrate a skill. Responsibility, respect, confidence and determination come from these one-on-one relationships in our Buddy Classrooms.


    These skills not only enhance the quality of work happening inside the classroom, but translate to outside the classroom, as well. These skills are seen being used at recess with 5th graders including 1st graders in games of tag or basketball, and it spreads to our community surrounding Olive.


    Academics through adaptation

    We believe in the importance of measuring the growth of our students to help determine academic success. We are proud of our Response to Intervention process that we've developed here at Olive to differentiate for our students, with the end goal of increasing academic achievement. We developed professional learning communities within our building that can lean on one another as they focus on promoting student growth and opportunities for responsive teaching. Our teachers are encouraged to gather feedback from the students and design instruction based on that feedback. This feedback comes from students in many forms: one-on-one conferencing, observations, standardized test results, listening to a child read, asking about student interests, and more.


    We believe in personalizing a student's learning by getting to know students on such a level that a teacher knows when to push, how hard to push, and what level each student is at. This fosters confidence and ownership in a student's learning. A more engaged student will deliver better work.


    Bringing the outside in - Once an Owl, Always an Owl

    The parents and our community are a big part of Olive. Something that is very important to us is the opening of our doors to our community and inviting our community in. Olive would be a much different place if it didn't have the community engagement that it has. Our students are able to go home and talk about their experiences inside our building, knowing that the parent can visualize what is being referenced. We believe that is a big deal when attempting to create excitement and enhance passions around school-related topics and subjects. Students are excited when they know their parent/family/guardians are involved at Olive and we try to foster as many of those opportunities as possible.


    Our relationship with our PTA is a true partnership. We carefully make decisions at the school with the PTA in mind, often asking for feedback and/or input. We collaborate in order to give our students a cohesive learning and growing experience both at school and at home.


    We encourage our former students to 'come back to the nest'. We hope our alumni look at Olive as a nest. We are surprised every year at the students who return to Olive to visit a particular teacher or staff member, just because they were missed.


  • 303 East Olive Avenue

    Arlington Heights, IL 60004


    Main Line: (847) 398-4282

    Fax: (847) 394-6935

    Email the Main Office: OMSoffice@sd25.org


    Principal: Erin Davis

    Assistant Principal: Julia Pemberton


    OMS is a 2017 Blue Ribbon School

    School Facts

    Enrollment '19-'20: 650+

    Mascot: Owl

    School Colors: Red & White

    Blue Ribbon School: 2017


    School Hours


    AM - 9:05 am-11:50 am

    PM - 12:50 p.m - 3:35 p.m.

    Grades 1-5: 9:05 a.m.-3:35 p.m.

    Lunch: 12:10 p.m.-1:10 p.m.OMS Owls