• Every student matters at Windsor. Inclusion is engrained here as a part of our Wildcat Way.


    At Windsor, we believe in inclusion. Every student is empowered to contribute to the atmosphere, community and pride within our building. We do this by celebrating the Wildcat Way. Each student knows: We are Kind and Always safe and responsible, because You are important. Our community has a positive and impactful influence on our students and our staff. Our families feel at home at Windsor, always willing to volunteer to help out in the classroom, or generate ideas to enhance our students' learning. We choose to celebrate the uniqueness of each of our students, who feel the space and support needed to be themselves. While promoting a growth mindset, we encourage our students to follow a passion and try something new, knowing that if it doesn't work out at first, it doesn't mean it won't work in the future. Growth mindset fosters the belief that abilities and skills are meant to be developed. Tacking the word "yet" on to the end of a sentence can really change the relationship one has to an idea. "I'm not good enough," or "I'm not good enough...YET!". That's puts the students in charge of their education and that's the power we hope to give our students every day. Enjoy this page that as it gives a great snapshot of who we are at Windsor. If you have any feedback, comments or questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


    Our Worthy Wildcat program honors students who exhibit our Wildcat Way in an extra special way. Once a month students are recognized with a certificate, a special picture with the Principal posted on the website, and announced on the morning announcements.    Our teachers are all trained in teaching the "Growth Mindset" concept. It means a student operates with the thought that he/she is not good at something...YET. Having a Growth Mindset gives a student permission to fail, and the confidence to try again.    Our community is dedicated to giving and caring for others. Our students learn this and apply this to their lives. One big event we host yearly is our St. Baldrick's Fundraiser where students, teachers and community members shave their heads to raise money.    

    Teachers love teaching at Greenbrier, and we believe that is why they stay here. Retaining our teachers and staff helps to create a stable environment for our students to grow and learn in. A happy teacher lends to a happier classroom which then creates space for our learners to be happy. A happy learner is a more engaged learner.    Our classes are small, intimate and personal. We believe it is important for our teachers to have the time and space to get to know their students, one-on-one. We believe that allows for better instruction and, thus, better learning.    We believe our school is more than the numbers that you will find here in the Illinois State Report Card. We are an experience and an environment that students and teachers collaborate in and grow in, together. We take our job personally and are proud of the results, both on paper, and in the growth of our students as human beings. Click here to view Windsor's State Report Card.



    Academic inclusive practices

    What makes us unique at Windsor, also makes us a powerful place to learn and grow. Our students, no matter their need, ability, language spoken, deserve the space, time, and attention to learn. That is what our academic inclusive practices work towards everyday. Students with special needs integrate into the general education setting, whether it be for math, social studies, reading, etc, and this inclusivity impacts every one of our Wildcats in many positive ways. Our students know what it is like to experience people who have differences. It's normalized here and that's where our culture of empathy, self-care, kindness, and acceptance soars. Differences are not good or bad here. Differences just are differences. This is a way of life and learning here at Windsor.  


    Our teachers benefit from our academic inclusive practices as well. Our teachers are extremely well versed in differentiation and modification practices within the classroom, and they apply these skills to all Wildcat students daily. We are especially proud of our teachers, as their need to personalize teaching to each individual student is strong.


    Growth Mindset

    Intelligence is something that needs to be developed, and that is what having a Growth Mindset is all about. It means a student operates with the thought that he/she is not good at something...YET. Having a Growth Mindset gives a student permission to fail, and the confidence to try again. This is important at Windsor because it creates an building full of confident, fearless learners who all speak the same "language." The students are taught that the brain is a muscle, and the more you keep working that muscle, the more growth you will see. Having a growth mindset is about building. It's about building strong relationships, strong support, and the tenacity to approach a wall (of learning) and get curious and find a way over, through, or around the wall.


    This mindset not only helps the students who often struggle to accomplish tasks on the first try, but it is a message for the students for which learning seems to come easy, and who rarely struggle. It pushes all students to expand their knowledge and goals.


    Connection through communication

    To us, keeping our community informed is personal. We attempt to open the window to your child's classroom with a Friday Update email, daily Twitter integration, phone calls, emails and through many invitations into the building. We hope for our communication to open our doors to our families, which allows students and parents to experience the building as an extension of their own home. We want our parents and families invested in this school. We believe if our families are invested, our students will be even more. 


    Positive community partnership

    At Windsor, we believe our community is an extension of who we are and we operate with that belief everyday. When applicable, our teachers are encouraged to extend their lessons to the community and use the community for it's expertise and perspective. Our work with the Dryden Place Project, helping to coordinate the Dryden Place Picnic and forming the Windsor Garden Beds for community use, created a great space for our neighbors, no matter the background, to commune and connect. This type of community involvement is modeled for our students who then take it on themselves to get involved. All of this enriches our school and our learning opportunities.


    Our 5th grade students benefit from our yearly World of Work day where local businesses host our students and put them to work. Our students learn what it's like to work a shift in a restaurant, bank, local shop/store, the library, the village, etc. This event, is one example, of how the PTA, the school, and the community all collaborate and create a great learning and growing environment here at Windsor. 


    The mindful student

    Mindful Mondays have become a way of life, here at Windsor. We believe in creating the space to allow our students to be in the present. We believe our students benefit from having time to reflect and move any emotions or thoughts that are blocking their creative flow. Mindful Mondays are moments, usually in the morning, that create space to allow our students to be in the present and focus on what their job is for the day. That job is to be a conscious student, a good friend, and to be kind, safe and responsible.


    We believe this exercise is something that can carry you through life. We are here to learn and not to solely focus on the result of learning (grades). Getting students to be in the moment allows them the perspective needed to focus on the learning itself, rather than the end results.