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    Nutrition labels are in the process of being updated.  Please reach out to Sandy Voss at svoss@sd25.org for any specific labels needed.  Disclaimer: Information about nutritional values and product ingredients, including major food allergens, is obtained from the vendor or manufacturer of the specific product.  AHSD 25 does not warrant nor guarantee the information provided by the vendor or manufacturer. The ingredient listing posted on this page does not guarantee that the external manufacturer, producer, or handler of the food product has maintained an allergen-free environment. The ingredient labels listed below are updated annually


    Supply chain shortages can affect grocery stores and restaurants around the nation and, as a school district, we are not immune to those challenges.  The Food & Nutrition Services Department does make menu modifications as necessary when there are product shortages.



    Breakfast is available at Ivy Hill, Olive, Windsor, South & Thomas Schools this year. To view the menu, check out the menu app (scan above) or click here to see the weekly menu offerings. 




    If your child has modified dietary needs due to severe food allergies or another chronic condition that restricts your child's diet, please visit our Health Services webpage and complete the Annual Physical Statement Requiring a Menu Modification.


    New for the 23-24 SY, per Illinois State Bill 4089, school districts operating the National School Lunch Programs are required to offer a plant-based meal option upon request. We currently have vegetarian menu items available daily at all our our AHSD25 schools. You can view the vegetarian items offered daily as indicated on our monthly menu's using a V indicator. Many items at the middle school are plant based, however, our elementary vegetarian items do contain dairy. If you are in need of plant based menu's for your student at an elementary school, please email Sandy Voss, RDN, SNS at svoss@sd25.org with your request.