Windsor Elementary School

  • The Wildcat Way

    Windsor has always recognized the value of good character in its students. We celebrate the WILDCAT WAY...


    W-We are Kind


    A- Always Safe and Responsible, because


    Y- You are Important!

    The staff, students, and parents also reflect the school's motto: "Create - Innovate - Collaborate."


    After 5th grade, Windsor students attend South Middle School for grades 6-8.



    Windsor Boundaries

Quick Info

  • 1315 East Miner Street

    Arlington Heights, IL 60004


    Main Line: (847) 398-4297

    Absence Line: (847) 506-6297 x1

    Windsor Wildcats   

    School Facts

    '19-'20 Enrollment: 530
    School Mascot: Windsor Wildcat
    School Colors: Blue & gold
    School Motto: "Create, Innovate and Collaborate"


    School Hours

    AM - 9:05am – 11:50am

    PM - 12:50pm – 3:35 pm
    Grades 1-5: 9:05 a.m. - 3:35 p.m. (lunch 12:10-1:10)


    Windsor won the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2009!


    Windsor's Blue Ribbon Award