Dryden Elementary School

  • Dryden Elementary School in Arlington Heights is a kindergarten through fifth grade school in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. The current student population is 500 students with a class size range from 17-25 students. The school contains four half day kindergarten classes, three first, two first/second multiages, four second, four third, four fourth and four fifth grade classrooms. 

    The teaching staff is a balance of new and veteran highly-qualified teachers. In addition to classroom instruction, Dryden offers additional educational opportunities in music, art, physical education, library, computer/technology, literacy support, special education, gifted, and English-Language Learner (ELL) instruction. The District 25 School Board frequently reviews class size and program/academic trends and standards and has a commitment to maintaining appropriate class sizes and a strong curricular educational experience for each child.

    Dryden School was built in 1952, renovated in 1992 with the most recent addition opened at the beginning of the 07-08 school year. District 25 has an ongoing commitment to the upkeep of facilities and the maintenance of a secure yet welcoming environment for children and parents. Currently Dryden is using 100% of its available instructional space on a daily basis. The building is also used for community and park district programs. During the summer of 2009, the district added air conditioning to the building.


Quick Info

  • 722 South Dryden Place

    Arlington Heights, IL 60005

    Main Line: (847) 398-4280

    Absense Line: (847) 506-6999 x7100

    Fax Number:  (847) 394-6946


    Dryden Dolphins


    School Facts

    '16-'17 Enrollment: 487 
    School Mascot: Dryden Dolphins
    School Colors: Blue, Light Blue & Red


    School Hours

    AM - 9:05am – 11:50am
    PM - 12:50pm – 3:35 pm
    Grades 1-5: 9:05 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.
    (lunch 12:10-1:10)

  • Dolphin Pride  

    In addition to an ongoing curricular review cycle of its academic programs, District 25 and Dryden School are committed to preparing students for the 21st Century utilizing a Strategic Plan called Vision 2020. All classrooms have multiple networked computers with Internet access, with one computer mirrored to a wall-mounted television monitor.  This monitor is also connected to a school wide video distribution system with cable access. All classrooms have projectors installed in them with accompanying Mimio technology to create an interactive whiteboard learning system in the classroom.


    Our Library Media Center houses a computer lab of thirty computers with a wide variety of educational software. A set of thirty laptops (housed on two separate carts of 15 computers each) with airport Internet accessibility is available for extended technology experiences in the classroom, such as creating digital reflective portfolios, WebQuests. online research, and word processing for student-generated reports and projects.  Other technology resources available at Dryden include an iSight camera for video conferencing, Elmo document readers, Smart Boards, a Flexicam, LCD projectors, digital video cameras and still cameras, printers, scanners, networked Xerox machines, desktop computers, laptop computers, iPods, and iPads.


    As a result of the frequent analysis of student progress and growth by a dedicated staff and involved parents, Dryden students maintain strong progress and growth as measured by state and local standardized assessments.

    Dryden's educational program

    Dryden Elementary School offers children in kindergarten through grade 5 an educational program that maximizes each student's individual learning style and that promotes interest and growth. Dryden's staff continues to provide educational excellence for all Dryden students and strives to help each child succeed. For a discussion of curriculum, special services, and other programs, see District 25 program information.

    Dryden students participate in a wide variety of activities including Student Council, Safety Patrol, instrumental music lessons and ensembles, grade-level musical productions, after-school foreign language classes, and many PTA-sponsored events.

    Dryden is a CHARACTER COUNTS! school and focuses student attention on the six pillars of good character: trustworthiness, caring, responsibility, fairness, citizenship, and respect.

    Before-School and After-School Care

    Before- and after-school care is available at Dryden through the CAP (Children at Play) program, run by the Arlington Heights Park District.

    After Fifth Grade

    Dryden students attend South Middle School for grades 6-8.


    Parent involvement is welcomed at Dryden. The PTA is an active, supportive group of dedicated adults who organize and establish beneficial activities for students and families. The PTA works to foster close relations between home and school. The PTA is run by volunteers and welcomes parents to attend meetings and participate in its varied activities. For more information, please call the school.

    ISAT & PARCC Results/School Report Card

    For a summary of Dryden Elementary School's ISAT (Illinois Standards Achievement Test) results, please see ISAT Results/School Report Cards.