Absence Procedures

  • Regular attendance at school is an essential part of the educational program for each student in District 25.  To report your child absent, we request that you utilize the option that is deemed best for your school below. These absence procedures not only help us fulfill required attendance monitoring obligations, but also helps to assure the safety of our students.

  • Dryden Elementary

  • Greenbrier Elementary

  • Ivy Hill Elementary

  • Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary

  • Patton Elementary

  • South Middle

  • Thomas Middle

  • Westgate Elementary

  • Windsor Elementary

  • If the office has not received a notice via the online absence form or via a phone call by the time the school begins for morning absences or by lunch for afternoon absences, a parent will be called, as Illinois law requires us to contact a parent if the child's absence is not reported to us. Home numbers will be phoned first. If there is no response, a parent's work number will be called. If the school is unable to reach a parent, the person listed on the child's Emergency Form will be called.  
    Please help us know your child is at home by completing the absence process.
    Make-Up Work
    When a student is absent from school for any reason, parents may request missed work on the 3rd consecutive school day of the absence. Please email your student’s teacher or contact the main office if you would like work provided. Work will then be available for pick up, in the student office after 3 pm or emailed directly to the parent or student when possible. When a student is absent from school, it is the student’s obligation to return the completed assignments and resource books to their classroom teachers. Typically a student is given 1 day for each day absent to return given materials, however a teacher may specify different expectations to the student or parent.
    State Requirements for Student Attendance
    The State of Illinois has mandated guidelines for attendance minutes for school age children.  Please ask if you wish to read the guidelines.
    In order for the office to be able to accurately report student attendance, any student who arrives at school after 9:05 A.M. in the morning or after 1:15 P.M. in the afternoon MUST report to the office to check in with the Administrative Assistant.  Likewise, any student leaving school after class is in session MUST check out with the Administrative Assistant in the office. Parents should send a note requesting an early dismissal and should pick their child up in the office if he/she is leaving early.