Welcome to Greenbrier!

  • Greenbrier Gators! Welcome to Greenbrier Elementary School where everyday is a Great Gator Day! Greenbrier is a delightful neighborhood school nestled in northern Arlington Heights. It is home to 242 students, kindergarten through fifth grade. Our district’s early childhood programs is also housed at Greenbrier with over 130 students enrolled.


    Greenbrier School has a caring environment and is committed to helping all students reach their fullest academic, physical, and social potential. Featuring a well-rounded curriculum with a strong emphasis on 21st century skills, Greenbrier students consistently exceed Illinois state standards as reflected in ISAT testing. Greenbrier has won multiple awards of excellence, including the National Blue Ribbon School Award in November, 2011.

    Students are afforded many academic and extra-curricular opportunities at Greenbrier. Student clubs include the green club, the service club, peer mediators, safety patrols, Tech club, as well as art, announcements, and scratch clubs. The fine arts are highly valued at Greenbrier. Children are able to have orchestra instruction beginning in kindergarten, with band instruction beginning in grade five.


    Greenbrier is fortunate to enjoy high parent participation fueled by an active PTA and the ABC/25 Foundation. Through parent-school partnerships, families are engaged in monthly family social events, as well as other activities that enrich the lives of our students. Greenbrier is a great place to learn, laugh, and grow!


    Before- and after-school care is available at Greenbrier through the Children At Play (CAP) Program run by the Arlington Heights Park District. The CAP program offers supervised before- and after-school care in all seven District 25 elementary schools. The CAP program is administered by the Arlington Heights Park District and supported by the Village of Arlington Heights, which provides CAP scholarship funds to qualified families. The program is offered from 7:00 - 9:05 a.m. and from 3:35 - 6:00 p.m.


    CAP provides participating children with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including small- and large-group games; crafts; and quiet time to read, visit with friends, or do homework. The CAP staff invites children to assist in choosing and planning activities. CAP offers full-day programs, including field trips, on selected days off school.


    For more information about the CAP program and fees, please call the Arlington Heights Park District, 1-847-577-3000.


    After 5th Grade, Greenbrier students attend Thomas Middle School for grades 6-8.



    Greenbrier Gators!