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Embracing Today - Inspiring Tomorrow

Welcome to Student Services!

  • Hello and welcome to the Student Services departement via www.sd25.org. We are here to provide support and services to the students and families of District 25 through many avenues and categories. Please feel comfortable to venture around our department's website for any information or forms you might need, and also feel free to reach out to our department directly if your question wasn't answered.



    The vision of the Department of Student Services is to... Collaborate...Support...Empower for Excellence



    The mission of the Department of Student Services is to meet the unique needs of each student by providing high quality specialized services in collaboration with staff, families, and the community.



    The purpose of the Department of Student Services is to maximize student' potential as members of their community through the provision of an exceptional education.


    ATTENTION - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    AHSD 25 Middle School Transition Night for Special Education

    Dunton Administration Building - 1200 S. Dunton Avenue

    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Information Flyer


Contact Us!

  • Student Services Direct Line 
    (847) 758-4875


    Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

    Aimée LeBlanc


    Student Services Coordinator

    Lindsay Anastacio (Windsor, Communications, Foundations)


    Student Services Coordinator

    Diane Kaffka (Greenbrier, Early Childhood)


    Student Services Coordinator

    Kellie Klasen (Ivy Hill, Olive, Patton, South, Thomas)


    Student Services Coordinator 
    Lisa Kramp (Dryden, Intergrated Services, Westgate)


    Administrative Assistant
    Ginny Braun


    Diane Carpenter


Strategic Plan

  • During the 2014­-15 school year, the Department of Student Services developed a strategic plan to help focus its initiatives for the next five years. The plan was approved by the Board of Education on July 17, 2014. As a component of the plan, the Department has developed four key initiatives:

    ● Engage families and district staff in educational opportunities and training that promote student growth,

    ● Foster collaborative and transparent communication to strengthen relationships throughout our educational community,

    ● Utilize a collaborative problem solving approach to support high expectations for student growth,

    ● Embrace innovative and effective practices to support student growth. The full text of the strategic plan can be accessed here.

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