• Our Vision is to... Collaborate...Support...Empower for Excellence

    Our Mission is to meet the unique needs of each student by providing high-quality specialized services in collaboration with staff, families, and the community.

    Our Purpose is to maximize student potential as members of their community through the provision of an exceptional education.

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Information to share

  • Trauma Resources
    The federal government’s Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs recently compiled a list of resources to help children, families, educators, and community members cope after traumatic events.  Please check our Social Emotional resources or youth.gov 

    Arlington Heights D25 All-Stars Special Olympics
    The Village of Arlington Heights and School District 25 are excited to be a part of the Special Olympics of Illinois.
    Our goal is to create opportunities for students to demonstrate their abilities and passions for the world by working together with staff, families and our community. Our team represents students from many schools.  We are the Arlington Heights All-Stars! 
    Check out our website: Arlington Heights All-Stars

    NSSEO Collaboration
    We are a proud member district of Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization.  Their mission is to propel students with special needs to be actively engaged citizens through dynamic family, school, and community partnerships. Every year we partner with NSSEO to survey parents with students receiving special education services in our district. This survey provides valuable feedback on programs, support systems, and communication. In addition to helping us improve our programs, it also helps NSSEO tailor family-based supports. We will reach out when the next school year's survey becomes live.
    Check out their website: NSSEO

  • Notifications

    Timely & Meaningful Presentation: Arlington Heights School District 25 will share it's annual required Timely & Meaningful presentation and engage in collaboration with private school administration within D25 boundaries, parents of students that are parentally placed in private schools within D25 boundaries, and parents of students that are home-schooled. You are invited to attend on Wednesday May 17th @ 9:00am at Dunton Administration Center. 

    RTO (Restraint and Time out) Plan: Arlington Heights School District 25 received ISBE approval for the Alternative RTO Reduction plan for the 2023-2024 school year with the goal of reducing the number of physical restraint incidents per individual student in a 30 day period by 20%.  The goal plan includes the required components of an oversight committee, staff training on deescalation and prevention techniques, targeted training in the use of Non Violent Crisis Intervention, development of individual student plans based on needs and parent communication. For additional information regarding our RTO plan, please contact the Department of Student Services. 

    Procedural Safeguards: Illinois State Board of Education updated the Procedural Safeguards June 2022.  These are provided annually by the Illinois State Board of Education and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

    Related Service Logs: School personnel who provide students with a related service listed on the IEP are required to maintain service logs.  These logs must document the type of service provided, the date and number of service minutes administered.  Upon written request, these related service logs must be provided to parents/guardians.  Please contact the Student Services Coordinator for your child's school.

    On January 18, 2023, we held our annual Special Education Transition to Middle School night for parents. Please check out the recording of the night below as well as the presentation slides.

    Online Curriculum Accessibility: The school district requires that any third-party online curriculum that is made available to enrolled students or the public complies with level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Consent Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 or any revised version of those guidelines.

    Transition to Early Childhood

    Presentation Slides | 2023

    Transition to Middle School

    Presentation Slides | 2023


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