These pages provide links and resources for families about the devices and platforms that we will be using for remote learning. Every classroom is going to be a little different, but these pages are a good start for families to get additional information, resources, and training. 



    • Video conferencing takes a tremendous amount of resources for computers. Adding on additional monitors, screen sharing etc. only increases that and builds over the course of a day with multiple conferences.
    • Please restart your device and encourage your students as well (especially Chromebooks) during the day, an off period or each morning/evening. This helps to reset the computer usage and make it available for the next set of tasks. You can also improve performance by limiting the amount of tabs and windows open at the same time as they are constantly reloading in the background.
    • Most devices were not built to video conference for many consecutive hours over the day so these steps can help reset and hopefully improve the experience each and every day.
    • Reboot to Refresh!
    • Click for more troubleshooting tips.



    There are several options for families to explore options for reduced or free Internet access through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Review the site for application information, details, and a list of potential service providers (some listed below). 

      Additional Resources

      • Book Creator

      • BrainPop

      • Digital Wellness

      • Epic!

      • Facts4Me

      • Flip

      • Flocabulary

      • Go Noodle

      • IXL

      • Jamboard

      • Lexia

      • Pebble Go

      • RAZ Kids

      • Reflex

      • Scratch Jr.