Trauma Resources

  • The federal government’s Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs recently compiled a list of resources to help children, families, educators, and community members cope after traumatic events. Click HERE  

  • Ann Marie's Law - Suicide Prevention


    Arlington Heights School District 25 supports suicide and depression awareness and prevention. In compliance with Ann Marie’s Law (P.A. 99­443), district staff receive yearly training on recognizing the signs of depression and suicide risk. Middle school students also participate in yearly programming to educate them about suicide prevention. Building social workers are also available to provide support to students and families with mental health concerns. Resources for suicide and depression awareness and prevention:


    Suicide Prevention Resource Center

    Erika’s Lighthouse

    Ann Marie’s Law




  • Erin's Law

    Erin’s Law, or Illinois Public Act 097-­1147, requires public schools to provide child sexual abuse prevention education for children in pre­kindergarten through twelfth grades. District 25 began providing instruction in compliance with Erin’s Law during the 2015­-16 school year. Age­ appropriate research based instruction helps students recognize unsafe situations, keep themselves safe, and understand how to respond to unsafe situations. School social workers work with each grade level to provide age ­appropriate information on topics such as: safe versus unsafe touching, the touching rule, secrets, and reporting. In middle school, the focus will shift to safe dating and self-advocacy.

    Parents have the right to opt their child out of participating in the yearly Erin’s Law presentation. A new form is required for each school year. To opt out, please complete this form and return it to your child’s school by the noted date. Students will participate in another activity or join another classroom during the presentation, as determined by each school.


    Erin's Law Parent Information | Resources 

    Erin's Law Opt Out 2022-23 ENGLISH

    Erin's Law Opt Out 2022-23 SPANISH



    If you have any questions about the parent night or the school presentations, please contact Diane Kaffka, Assistant Superintendent Student Services at 847-758-­4875 or by email at