Absence Procedure

  • Regular attendance at school is an essential part of the educational program of each student at Dryden Elementary School.  We are requesting that you call the school to inform us if your child is ill or for some other reason your child is not coming to school. You should call whether the absence is for the morning, afternoon or the entire day. This procedure not only helps us fulfill required attendance monitoring obligations, but also helps to assure the safety of our students.


    Report absences online here!


    If  prefer you prefer to leave a voicemail on our Absence Hotline, please call 847-398-4280 and select 1.

    The system is operational twenty-four hours a day, so you can call anytime. Absences must be reported before 9:15 A.M. As you leave a message on the Voice Mail Hotline, please include the following information:

    • Student's name, please spell the last name
    • Student's teacher's name
    • Length of absence
    • Reason for absence - giving this information will eliminate the need for you to send a note with your child when he/she returns to school
    • Request for homework after the second day of absence


    If the office has not received a note or a voicemail message by 9:15 A.M. for morning absences or by 1:15 P.M. for afternoon absences, a parent will be called, as Illinois law requires us to contact a parent if the child's absence is not reported  to us.  Home numbers will be phoned first. If no response, a parent's work number will be called. If the school is unable to reach a parent, the person listed on the child's Emergency Form will be called.


    Please help us know your child is at home by calling the office.


    If you wish to pick up homework for a child who is absent, please let us know when you call in your child's absence, and the message will be passed on to the child's teacher.  The books and assignments will be ready for you to pick up in the office between 3:35 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. that afternoon.  Due to our security system, the school will be locked at 4:00 P.M., so it will not be possible to enter the building to pick up homework after that time.


    Homework can be sent home with a sibling or classmate if you are unable to pick it up before 4:00 P.M.  Requests for homework which are not received before 9:15 A.M. may not be able to be honored until the following day. If you request homework, please be sure to pick it up!


    If a student is going to be late, please call the voicemail number listed above before 9:15 A.M. to let us know when to expect him/her.  Parents need to come into the building and sign their child in.


    State attendance mandates are explained below to help you understand how we are required by law to count attendance.

    Dryden Elementary Dolphins

    State Requirements for Student Attendance

    The State of Illinois has mandated guidelines for attendance minutes for school age children.  Please ask if you wish to read the guidelines.

    In order for the office to be able to accurately report student attendance, any student who arrives at school after 9:05 A.M. in the morning or after 1:15 P.M. in the afternoon MUST report to the office to check in with the secretary.  Likewise, any student leaving school after class is in session MUST check out with the secretary in the office. Parents should send a note requesting an early dismissal and should pick their child up in the office if he/she is leaving early.