Adapted Physical Education

  • Adapted Physical Education (APE) is an alternative physical education program that involves modifications and/or accommodations for students within the regular physical education program. Adapted PE programs are usually provided directly in the general education PE class.  If you have questions about APE, please contact your child’s case manager.


    Schools must provide physical education opportunities for students with disabilities that promote the following:

    • Development of physical and motor skills
    • Development of fundamental motor skills and patterns (throwing, catching, walking, etc.)
    • Skills in aquatics, dance, and individual and group games and sports


    District 25 currently has one  full-time APE teacher whose responsibilities include the following:

    • Screening students following parent or teacher concerns with PE participation
    • Completion of evaluations for eligibility, as part of the IEP process
    • Provision of service in both pull-out and collaborative service models
    • Provision of technical support to staff regarding student needs and adaptive methods
    • Provision of APE classes to students in the Communications and Foundations classes to pre-teach skills
    • Supervision of two full-time APE teaching assistants


    APE services during the general education PE class allow for:


    Active Participation: Students participate in the class activities with their peers at a challenging yet comfortable level according to their abilities. While participating in the general P.E. class the students’ opportunities for participation and repetition will be increased with the support of the A.P.E. staff by specific instruction, visual materials, and adapted equipment.

    Safe environment: The APE staff and PE instructors are aware of activities that may pose an uncomfortable situation due to the nature of the students’ abilities. We will present the student opportunities to feel comfortable and confident that their safety will be ensured..

    Adaptations as needed to the equipment and class: Adaptations and modifications to equipment, rules of the games, and class requirements are determined and made specifically to their needs in P.E. class.

    The PE class generally includes:

    • Warm-ups: The students work to increase endurance and strength in the following areas: cardio, arm, abdomen, and leg muscles.
    • Class games: The students focus on their understanding of the sequencing of the games, following instructions, understanding the objectives of the games, and have opportunities for sportsmanship.

    Fitness testing: The students work on developing correct form and endurance to perform sit-ups, push-ups, running, and jumping skills. (The middle schools will be using the Presidential Fitness Testing and South weight room.)