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  • District 25 Board of Education

    The seven members of the District 25 Board of Education are elected at large in public elections for four-year terms. Elections are held every two years, in odd-numbered years, with four seats open one election year and three the next election year. Board members serve on a volunteer basis, without pay, and do not maintain offices in District buildings.


    The Board of Education is responsible for hiring the Superintendent, authorizing the appointment of all other staff members, authorizing curriculum development, levying tax monies and budgeting for both educational programs and operating expenses, and setting District policy. The Board delegates the execution of District policies to the District's administration.



    Board of Education Meetings
    The Board of Education meets one or more times per month in the evening. Regular Board of Education meetings are formal business meetings where issues are discussed and action is taken.


    Regular Board meetings are open to the public. Closed Sessions, where topics such as personnel matters are discussed, are closed to the public. Occasionally during a regular Board meeting, the Board will adjourn for a short period of time to participate in a Closed Session.


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    Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings
    Each regular Board of Education meeting includes a time for citizens to be heard. If you wish to speak to the Board, simply fill out a card (obtained at the meeting) indicating your desire to speak and the topic to be addressed and give it to the Recording Secretary. The Board invites all citizens who have filled out cards to speak, asking only that audience comments be limited to three minutes or a time determined by the Board President. The Board does not normally respond to comments from the audience, and, after citizens have spoken, the rest of the meeting is held without audience participation.


    The Meeting Agenda


    The prepared agenda for a regular Board meeting generally includes the following:

    • Call to Order and Roll Call
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Student/Staff Recognition
    • Public Comments
    • Consent Agenda*
    • Communication from Board Members
    • Communication to Board Members
    • Committee of the Whole Reports (Curriculum and Instruction; Student Services; Finance; Buildings and Grounds; Personnel/Policy and Planning; Superintendent's Report)
    • Adjournment

     * Items included in the Consent Agenda are acted on in a single motion.

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