• District 25's Vision

    Vision: Embracing Today - Inspiring Tomorrow

    Mission: Arlington Heights School District 25 cultivates innovative learners within a nurturing and collaborative community to thrive in an ever-changing world.

    Arlington Heights School District 25 serves its community proudly. Our vision, Embracing Today – Inspiring Tomorrow, is a way of daily life and is felt by simply stepping foot inside one of our buildings. Our world is ever changing and we want our students to be comfortable innovating and adapting. Our vision provides us two lenses, the lens of today and the lens of what is to come in the future. District 25’s students, staff and administrators embody this vision and pass it along throughout the Arlington Heights community.


    District 25 serves the central portion of Arlington Heights, with seven elementary (K-5) schools and two middle schools (grades 6-8). We open our doors to just over 5,550 students and just under 850 staff members, every day. Students and teachers are encouraged to be the student/teacher they came here to be.


    The District believes in a student’s ability to personalize his/her learning, all while exploring mathematics, literacy, science, social studies, world languages, the fine arts and technology. District 25 believes in a mindful and purposeful learner, and that shows up in the way technology is integrated into our learning. Our middle school curriculum includes instruction in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Digital Arts & Design, and Communication Media Arts classes as well as with our Drama, Music, and Art classes.


    Arlington Heights is in our roots. We recently polled our entire staff and found out that 41% of our staff currently lives in Arlington Heights. Just over 10% of our staff attended District 25 schools. District 25's strong tie to this community drives our passion and desire to want to give back.


    Venture around our newly redesigned website to learn more. Generate a connection with us through our window to the classroom via Facebook (www.sd25.org/Facebook) & Twitter (www.Twitter.com/ahsd25 - @ahsd25) pages.

    Strategic Vision 2020

    Vision 2020, which was adopted by the Board of Education in 2006, and the WIRED  framework was recently reviewed and updated.

    On January 19, 2017 the Arlington Heights School District 25 Board of Education approved the updates to Strategic Vision 2020 by adopting the proposed Vision, Mission, and Goals as submitted by the Strategic Plan Team and directed Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein to implement the action plan and timeline as presented. The broad goals of this updated plan are:

    Embracing Today - Inspiring Tomorrow

    Arlington Heights School District 25 cultivates innovative learners within a nurturing and collaborative community to thrive in an ever-changing world.

    The broad goals of this updated plan are:

    1. Broaden Best Practices
    2. Explore Program Expansion
    3. Strengthen Community Relations
    4. Enhance Staff Support
    5. Maintain and Enhance High Quality Facilities

    To see more on our Strategic Vision 2020, click here.

    Please reach out to Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein (lbein@sd25.org) with any questions.

    Awards & Honors

    District 25 is proud of its students and teachers who dedicate so much time and effort to representing District 25 and Arlington Heights in the highest ways:

    • Global Teacher Prize finalist.
    • National Blue Ribbon of Excellence: Olive-Mary Stitt, Westgate, Windsor, Greenbrier, Ivy Hill Elementary Schools & Thomas Middle School
    • Business Office recognized for excellence in financial reporting by Government Finance Officers Association and Association of Business Officials.
    • South Middle School & Thomas Middle School Science Olympiad Teams national competitors every year. 

    History/Building Construction

    Educational roots date back to 1849 here in Arlington Heights when the first primitive school building was erected on the northwest corner of Miner Street and Prairie Street [now Evergreen Street]. The district grew in numbers alongside the prideful town of Arlington Heights, and in 1902 the district changed its number from District 10 to District 25. The district continued to add schools as the population demanded them. The town's peak enrollment years were from the late 1950's into the early 1970's. During this time, the District built 14 schools.

    The population declined through the 70's and the District needed to close eight schools. In the early 90's, District 25 saw a consistent increase in enrollment, and with that came either rededication, renovation or expansion of all nine of their schools. The district has seen a consistent increase in enrollment ever since and is currently looking at options to accommodate the expected growth for years to come.

    To begin the 2018-19 school year, the District completed its fifth expansion project in three years. The District expanded Olive-Mary Stitt Elementary (2016), Ivy Hill Elementary (2016), Thomas Middle School (2017), Windsor Elementary (2017), and Greenbrier Elementary (2018) adding a total of 30 new classrooms, 24,000 square feet of gym space, expanded commons in four buildings, as well as adding ancillary and meeting spaces in all five buildings.

    “We’re super excited to have finished the last of the D 25 building expansion projects from our original plan four years ago.” - Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein

    Enrollment continues to trend upward and these new spaces will be utilized to alleviate any space needs in the future. 

    Social Media

    District 25 is very excited to connect with parents and the community through Twitter and Facebook. Ask your teacher or principal if they have a Twitter account so you can easily follow District 25 on the move and stay as up to date as possible with your school's happenings and educational curriculum. Follow the District office on Twitter and Facebook as well. Please contact Communications Coordinator Adam Harris if you have any questions regarding the social media connections with District 25.

    District 25's social media page.


    District 25 is very proud of its relationship with many Arlington Heights  organizations. The District's collaboration with the Arlington Heights Park  District, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Arlington Heights Police  Department, Arlington Heights Fire Department, Arlington Heights Village  Hall, and the town's various alternative schooling options generates an amazing community feel within Arlington Heights.

    Community Partnerships