Medication Information & Forms

  • The purpose of administering medication in school is to help each student maintain an optimal state of health to enhance his or her education. The administration of medication to students should be discouraged unless absolutely necessary for the student’s health.


    Medications should be limited to those required during school hours which are necessary to maintain the student in school and those needed in the event of an emergency.


    All medications given in school, including non-prescription drugs, shall be prescribed by a licensed prescriber on an individual basis as determined by the student’s health status.


    Medication must be brought to the school in a container, labeled appropriately by the pharmacist or licensed prescriber. OTC (non-prescription) medication shall be brought in with the manufacturer's original label with the ingredients listed and the child's name affixed to the container.


    Medication Forms

    Click on the links below to download necessary forms.


    Asthma Inhaler Form

    Board Policy 7:270 Administering of Medications

    Medication - Authorization Form

    Asthma Action Plan

    Asthma Action Plan - Spanish